Unsung Heroes

Unsung-Hero11This one’s for the unsung heroes, the people who quietly, regularly, and generously support Rehoboth Ministries. They’re the ones who keep this ministry afloat. You don’t see them and you’ll never hear them singing their own praises, but they are as dependable as the sun that comes up every morning. They give with joy even though they know it will cost them.

Thank you….

  • sweet lady who always tells me, “Don’t worry about sending a thank you card. I’m just happy to help.”
  • friend who loves to challenge others to give as well.
  • to the dear widow who’s living on a tight budget, yet always finds a way to give.
  • dear Pastor who plants a love for missions in your members, mobilizing them to give.
  • friends who have, time and time again, packed up boxes to ship to Haiti.
  • dear ones who had the burden for our children’s feeding program.
  • friends who enabled us to get a good vehicle.
  • friends who gave us a beautiful compound to oversee and serve as a place to live
  • dear lady who inspired the members of your women’s group to send donations.
  • friend who sent the worm medicine and antibiotics when they were so needed.
  • kind lady who sent wedding dresses to Haiti so a woman here could start a rental business.
  • Thank you to my mother who’s now in Heaven. You were overjoyed when I told you we were going to be missionaries to Haiti.
  • Thank you to my older brother who joined her three years ago who gave so freely.
  • Thank you to our children who gave up many comforts to grow up on the mission field.
  • Thanks to the friend who was burdened for the young man who wanted to go to music school, but didn’t have the money.
  • Thanks to the friend who helped send another young man to Bible school.
  • Thank you for enabling us to stay on the field for 30 years!

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