The Perfect Christmas

Our family had the perfect Christmas vacation, even though it’s quickly coming to an end. John returns to Asheville tomorrow. Gabe flies back to Portland and Deb will take off for West Virginia soon. Prit and I will soon be on a flight back to Haiti.

We did manage to get together to take a few pictures. We couldn’t decide which ones we liked best, so we just posted them all! Hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for sending the pictures. LOVED THEM! Amazing how the children have grown up, it makes it more real when you see them. I remember years ago meeting you in Tarboro when Linda took us there when you were speaking and they were so small. That’s when God spoke to me to support the ministry.

    Thanks to God for the opportunity to have been a part of helping you.

    Prit looks so good and Dana the love of God shows from your beautiful face.

    Love you, Carolyn Gray

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for your kind words. Yes, they’re all grown up! So glad you enjoyed the pictures. We are so thankful for all you did for Rehoboth Ministries. We’ll never forget your generosity. 🙂

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