Making an Impact!

579375_222863001158969_348178568_nCome on, ring those bells! Impact Church of Morehead City has made a $1,000 donation to Rehoboth Ministries which will go towards our feeding program. Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins and the members of Impact Church, we thank you for your generosity towards us and towards the schoolchildren in Haiti! Check out the church’s website at

Would you like to give a Christmas gift to a worthy cause? What can better represent the spirit of Christmas than helping those that can’t help themselves? It costs $4,000 a month to feed over 1,200 students, teachers, and cooks in our three schools. Your gift can keep feeding a child long after Christmas is over. There is great satisfaction that comes from impacting lives for the Kingdom of God.

This is a beautiful quote we borrowed from Pastor Nelson and Vicky’s Facebook page: “If you get addicted to giving, God will support your habit.” – Rich Wilkerson

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