Prayer and Transition

Prayer for the Nation

Knowing many of you have had your eyes on the election for the last few days, I have waited to post this until today. Now that all the results have come in, we urge our readers to commit themselves to pray for our President and our country more than ever. Whatever happens in the United States has a bearing on the other nations of the world as well. The Haitian church continues to pray fervently for America.

Despite what is going on in our homeland, the goals of Rehoboth Ministries remain the same here on the mission field. We are tirelessly working to win souls, make disciples, train up leaders, and advance the reign of the Lord Jesus in this part of God’s vineyard. We also work to alleviate the suffering that plagues a poverty-ridden nation and restore the dignity of as many people as we can by putting them to work.

Transition Time

As of Saturday, we all turned our clocks back and began to adjust to a slight change in our schedules. Since we added an hour, it was a somewhat pleasant change. Also on Saturday, Prit and I learned of another change (although more major than the setting of our clocks), would be taking place in our lives as well. Our last 16 years have been spent in the same house, but this chapter is coming to a close. Since our landlord wants his house back by 8 January, we are presently packing to make our move over to the next neighborhood where our compound in Sainte-Philomène is located.  This property is the site of our third church/school plant and Bible institute. It also has two small mission houses that we have been renovating for future teams.

Since we have a team coming during the first week of January, we need to already be moved and settled in so that we can be ready to receive them when they come.  Therefore, we have shifted into high-gear and are scurrying about to get everything ready. We will be hauling our accumulation of ”stuff” of (almost) 30 years in Haiti to the other property to move into one of the mission houses.  Before our departure on 30 November, we will need to figure out how we’re going to reduce what we have and fit it all into a smaller-sized home, plus accommodate ourselves to life on a compound. Whew! We need your prayers.

Since our present home has long had all sorts of problems, which range from a dilapidated roof to a constant shortage of water, it will be a huge relief to live in a home that doesn’t share the same woes. Because the home is much smaller, however, our minds are working overtime to decide what will go into each room and what will go into storage.  We will also be just a few yards away from the constant activity of the schoolchildren reciting their lessons and playing in the yard as well as the church services that take place throughout the week. Students from the Bible institute will also be coming and going. Please pray for us as we make this transition. This will be our third move to another house since moving to Cap-Haitian 24 years ago.

Our true desire for the mission houses is to finish renovating them and make them available as guest houses for incoming teams. These would be teams coming to do mission work in the north of Haiti, not just teams coming down to work with Rehoboth Ministries. Thereby, this could be a source of additional revenue to put back into the ministry. It is our hope that our stay at Sainte-Philomène will be a temporary one, so we ask you to join with us in prayer for the Lord’s direction in our future plans.

3 thoughts on “Prayer and Transition

  1. Hey guys,
    Just reading the update on your move to the compound. Must evoke years of emotions and memories. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now but we are thinking about you and thinking out loud to the Father about you too….. Seems like every move up, every transition to the next thing, the greater thing…..hurts. That’s all I can think of to say. But we love you guys and have the utmost confidence in your character and motive. You deserve your responsibilities, though they aren’t easy. Love ya!
    Corey Kope

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