Deronvet and Many More…

Young Deronvet’s mother led him to school one morning this week. She had just enough money to pay for his registration fee, so she left him there so he could start his day’s work. Deronvet is a student at our school in Petite-Anse. Pastor Lefort (the pastor of our church and school in Sainte-Philomène) was teaching there that day.

The school has over 900 students now and all the workers are very busy, so the school secretary asked Pastor Lefort if he would lead Deronvet to his classroom and help him get settled in with the other students. Pastor Lefort led Deronvet to meet his teacher and waited until she found him a place with the other students on the bench. As he was leaving, he turned around and saw that the young boy was crying. When asked why he was crying, Deronvet told Pastor Lefort that his mother hadn’t fed him that morning and that he had no money to buy any food. Pastor Lefort gave him some money to buy some crackers. Afterwards, Pastor Lefort relayed to us the first thought that came to his mind in that moment, “Thank God for the feeding program that’s starting up! Lord, please bless all the generous people that have given to this need.”

It’s students like Deronvet and so many others that weigh on our hearts on a daily basis. Many of them leave school and return to homes that we wouldn’t put our favorite pets in. Food is either scarce or nonexistent once they get home. It is for this reason that Deronvet and 1,200 other students say a big “Merci!” for opening up your hearts and your pocketbooks to help Rehoboth Ministries with the children’s feeding program. A student just like Deronvet can eat two hearty meals a week for the entire school year for just $30. Would you spread the word?

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