Severe Flooding in Cap-Haitien

Last night, heavy rains began to pour incessantly in our neighborhood. They continued nonstop and, even then, they didn’t abate until around 11:00 a.m. this morning. It was a fitful night of sleep for us because our roof leaks in all three bedrooms as well as in the stairwell. We moved from our main bedroom (our bed was soaked) to another room that contains a single bed. Although terribly uncomfortable, we managed to get a few more hours of sleep. This morning we awoke to find the floor of the bedroom covered with water due to the leaking roof. It only served to make us that much more willing to move into the mission house that is awaiting us on our compound. Even though the mission house still needs more renovation, the roof is in good shape and there’s plenty of water.

On a larger scale, Cap-Haitien was severely affected by the heavy rains as well and there was much flooding downtown. Prit and I had an appointment outside of town this morning. On our way out, we saw much damage. A large bus had somehow managed to slide into a ditch and we could see water flooding down small ravines from neighborhoods further off the road. After finishing up at the studio, we dropped by the home of some missionary friends to return some DVDs. They recounted some very sad news to us and I would like to share an excerpt from Don and Karen Davis’ post about these events that took place just since yesterday. I’m sure they won’t mind if we share this information.

Our important, urgent trip came to an end with one phone call. The rains had caused flooding all over our area and into town. There were landslides, there is mass destruction. People aren’t hungry… they are dead… one family of 8, only the dad survived. Another family, the baby, another youngster and mom were found lying dead on the road, but the rest of the family has yet to be found….


My heart is so very, very heavy. We keep calling friends to make sure they are okay. Can’t reach a few of them, so we are very concerned. We sit here crying for the lost, for the ones left, who are hurting so much, for yet another devastation causing an already hurting country to go into mourning.


So again, we ask for prayers… for the families of those who are gone, or not found yet – for the families who have lost everything from possessions (as little as they were) to their homes washed down the hillside – for those wandering, looking for someone to help them find family – for the people in authority who are overwhelmed with what to do for those who have loss of life in their families, have lost their property and livelihood.

Dear readers, please remember those in and around Cap-Haitien tonight who are suffering and especially those that have lost loved ones. We also ask that you would pray the rain would stop. It is expected to continue throughout the weekend. This could cause more flooding and loss of life.

3 thoughts on “Severe Flooding in Cap-Haitien

  1. Dana, this is so sad. I am so sorry. Tonight I’m going out with my friends to celebrate my birthday. I’ve asked them to donate to Rehoboth Ministries instead of giving me presents. I’ll have checks coming to you soon. I challenge others to consider doing the same. I love you so much!

  2. My dear, sweet sister. Could I have asked for a better sister than you? My heart is so full. Thank you so much for the gifts. Hope to see you in a few weeks! – Love, Dana

  3. My heart aches for you and for those precious people. There seems to be so much sadness. Even as I typed those words the precious Holy Spirit reminded me that God sees, knows and He cares. Help us Lord to care as You do. Certainly all of Cap Haitien are in my prayers. Love you, Myrtle

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