Our Supporters Speak

I want to thank God for Rehoboth Ministries. Since the mid 1980s when I laid my hands on Prit and Dana Adams and commissioned them for the missions ministry in Cap Haitien, the Lord has greatly used them in the planting of churches and schools. They have worked diligently to build a ministry that would touch lives and change them by the hand of our Lord Jesus.

From the very beginning of their ministry, Prit and Dana have worked to build something great for our Lord and they have always placed God at the center of their ministry without thinking of self or even their own future. I know of no one who exceeds their sacrifice for the ministry.

Fay and I salute you, Prit and Dana as two of the greatest workers in His Kingdom.

John and Fay Hedgepeth
Northwood Temple Church, Fayetteville, NC

Thank you for those kind words, Pastor Hedgepeth!

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