“Into the Storm” Still Touching Lives

After a busy day of translating Christmas songs from English to Creole, I was ready to check my e-mails once more, then head for bed. What a blessing it was to open this letter before signing off!

Dear Dana,
I wanted to let you know that I received your book from someone at work. A simple, fascinating read that shows the strength, courage and the power of prayer. Your book has truly touched my heart. I will be passing it along to a dear friend who has a son that recently was involved in a terrible accident that ended in a traumatic brain injury. Though each story is different, I know that your book will give her a boost in her faith, show her the power of prayer and give her a little peace. God bless you and your husband in your continued work and ministry.

I wrote my friend back and let her know we would definitely be praying for this young man and I hope that you will. I know all too well the feeling of despair that threatens to tighten its grip during a crisis such as this. But there is always hope with Jesus!

If you aren’t familiar with my book, Into the Storm, it is available online at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. It would make a great Christmas gift!

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