Thank you, dear friend. Even though you are now retired and staying home to care for the love of your life who is bedridden, you have not forgotten others that are suffering. Always a missionary at heart, you have given so generously to help others that are suffering because you know what it’s like to hurt.

Thank you to our pastor friend and his church family for saying, “As long as you all have a feeding program, we’re going to support it.”
Thank you fellow supporters for adding those extra $15 and $25 checks to your regular support because you want to feed hungry kids!
Thank you retired schoolteacher that immediately responded and said, “I’ll send $30 to feed a child. And, by the way, I’m sending another $30 next month!”
Thank you to the generous couple who sowed $1,000 because “we’ve just got to see that these kids get fed!”
Thank you our friend, the bank teller, who’s still grieving over the loss of your daughter, yet said, “I can get involved! I have $30 waiting for you!”
These are the heroes that silently give without any fanfare because they care.
Feeding Program Goal: $36,000  Present funds raised: $9,857

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