Visitors Coming and Going

We said “Goodbye” today to a great friend. George Watson is on his way back to Tacoma as I write and it’s been great having him here. After our Tacoma team from Trinity Church departed, George decided to spend another couple of weeks with us. We’ve truly enjoyed the fellowship and the many laughs we’ve had. Yesterday, we went to Cormier Plage and enjoyed a seafood dinner together and took advantage of the beautiful beach. The weather in Haiti is absolutely perfect this time of year. Thanks George for gracing our home. We miss you already!

Speaking of visitors, my sister Mary Ann has purchased her tickets to come spend Christmas with us! This will be her first trip to Haiti and I am beyond excited that she is coming. Although we will terribly miss seeing Deb, her family, and Gabe, we will find some consolation in showing Mary Ann around Haiti. Gabe will be spending Christmas with Deb and her family and we’re thankful that none of them have to spend Christmas alone. We’re a tad bit jealous, though, that he’s going to have a week with that incredible grandson of ours, Sam. Sam is growing up so fast and we probably won’t see him again until he is at least a year old. *Sigh* But, as grandparents often do, we will share just a few of our many pictures of the most special baby in the world.

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, would you like to make a special gift to Rehoboth Ministries? Supporting five churches, three schools, a Bible institute, and the many others needs we have here is incredibly taxing. Your gift can lighten the load. Simply use the PayPal button on our website or use the Fayetteville address on our home page ( to send a check. A special thanks to all our partners who consistently demonstrate your love for missions and for the Haitian people.

July 4: A Day of Remembrance

The daily treks into Fayetteville to visit Prit’s mom in the hospital have now come to an end. Lucia Andrews Adams gained her independence this 4th of July. Lucy fought a long, hard fight which stretched back over 1 1/2 years. Repeated trips to hospitals, rehabs, and then back home resembled a revolving door until her exhausted and frail body finally said “Enough!” On Thursday night, her immediate family with their spouses gathered around her bed. We prayed, shared memories together, and thanked her for what she meant to us. Finally, one by one, we released her to the Lord. On Friday morning, she closed her eyes for the last time putting off her corruptible body for an incorruptible one.

It is the end of an era. P.G. and Lucy both lived sacrificial lives. When most retirees were enjoying their golden years, Prit’s parents were juggling Rehoboth Ministries’ finances and shipping boxes to Haiti. P.G. and Lucy counted it all joy to do the Lord’s work and Haiti never had two more devoted fans.

Since the army had moved them 27 times over a span of 30 years, Prit’s parents were done with traveling. Their joy consisted of spending time with family members and being heavily involved with their church family at Northwood Temple.

July 4th will be a day of remembrance for the Adams family for more reasons than one. Most of our readers know that on July 4, 2010, Prit suffered a brain aneurysm. Two days later, a second one almost took his life. With God’s help and the prayers of countless intercessors, he not only survived, but is still doing the work of the ministry today.

We salute you, P.G. and Lucy, for a life well lived.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

“Now then, just as the LORD promised, he has kept me alive for forty-five years since the time he said this to Moses, while Israel moved about in the desert. So here I am today, eighty-five years old! I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then. Now give me this hill country that the LORD promised me that day. You yourself heard then that the Anakites were there and their cities were large and fortified, but, the LORD helping me, I will drive them out just as he said.” Joshua 14:10-12

Today, there was a steady stream of visitors coming in and out of Lucy’s room. They all came with well wishes and birthday greetings. Lucy said this was the best birthday she has ever had. That’s saying a lot since she’s already had eighty-four of them!

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We say a hearty thanks to all of you who took the time to write greetings to her to make her day even more special. She had such a wonderful time reading your messages and was overwhelmed at the outpouring of love shown her.

Before we left, Prit read Joshua 14:10-12 to his mom as an encouragement. He reminded her that at eighty-five years of age, Caleb was just getting started. After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, Caleb reminded Joshua that God had promised the mountain called Hebron to him as an inheritance. In spite of the fact that it was a formidable fortress and inhabited by giants, Caleb conquered it and claimed it as his own. Before leaving her room, Prit, myself, his sister (Mary) and her husband, Bill, prayed for Lucy’s strength to be renewed and that the Lord would show her what was to be her “Hebron” for the upcoming year and for the rest of her life.

Goodbye, P.G.

539238_1402547116678212_409382552_nWe are very sad to announce the news that Prit’s dad passed away early Saturday morning. Prit will arrive here to Fayetteville Tuesday afternoon to help his mom and sister make the funeral arrangements. Pritchard, Jr. had just turned 86 on March 1st. Your prayers are greatly coveted for the Adams family at this time.

Pritchard, Jr. was a great dad, grandfather, and ardent supporter of Rehoboth Ministries. He was also responsible for leading many people to the Lord. He and Lucy have sent countless boxes to Haiti over the years and Friday morning he mailed his last two.

P.G. (as we knew him), was a retired Colonel who fought in Vietnam and Korea. He always humbly said, “I’m just happy to be a private in the Lord’s army.” My father-in-law was the most generous person I ever knew.

For a more complete story of P.G.’s life, please visit Thank you P.G. for being such a wonderful, compassionate role model for us all to follow.

Happy Birthday, P.G.!

Prit’s dad is 86 years old today! While Lucy and I were still sleeping this morning, P.G. was up at 5:30 a.m. He’s already attended the Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting across town and returned home while we were getting our first cup of coffee. P.G still walks every day, drives, and leads a busy life. “Most of my friends have already passed on,” he says with a sad look. “I’m just grateful for another year.” In spite of a trick knee caused by a helicopter jump while he was in the army, P.G.’s still walking every day and driving himself and Lucy wherever they need to go. He’s very grateful for life and stays actively involved helping our ministry.

Celebrations are in order after other family members arrive from Charlotte today. We’ll all go to P.G.’s favorite restaurant (The Rainbow) where he is a frequent visitor and well loved by all the staff. All the waitresses love to wait on him for they know P.G. gives a special tip before he leaves.

Happy Birthday, P.G.! If any of our readers would like to send him a birthday greeting, feel free to leave a note at the bottom of this post.

God’s Redemptive Purposes

040611_2011_CHOOSELIFET1A fellow missionary, Bill Moxon, preached a powerful message of forgiveness this morning. He and his wife, Darla, had their home broken into, not once, but twice several years ago. The gang took Darla’s wedding ring, stole all their money, and stole a vehicle from their yard (twice). Bill & Darla both suffered at the hands of the zenglendo (gang’s) hands & were severely traumatized. They and their three little girls returned to the States for a period of years, totally broken and disheartened, and yet God called them back to Haiti, to the very same place where they had previously served and were mistreated.

Our people were deeply moved as Bill opened his heart and shared the hurts that he and Darla had suffered at the hands of the Haitian people. Then they heard about redemptive grace and the road of forgiveness. As the Moxons obediently heeded God’s call to return to Haiti, they discovered that the road to forgiveness turned into the highway to healing and wholeness.

Bill and Darla are special friends. We are truly privileged to know them, for their lives are marked by humility and selflessness. Their testimony has been told over and over in the churches here in Haiti and God is using their message in a very profound way. God can take our sufferings and use them for his redemptive purposes.

Unsung Heroes

Unsung-Hero11This one’s for the unsung heroes, the people who quietly, regularly, and generously support Rehoboth Ministries. They’re the ones who keep this ministry afloat. You don’t see them and you’ll never hear them singing their own praises, but they are as dependable as the sun that comes up every morning. They give with joy even though they know it will cost them.

Thank you….

  • sweet lady who always tells me, “Don’t worry about sending a thank you card. I’m just happy to help.”
  • friend who loves to challenge others to give as well.
  • to the dear widow who’s living on a tight budget, yet always finds a way to give.
  • dear Pastor who plants a love for missions in your members, mobilizing them to give.
  • friends who have, time and time again, packed up boxes to ship to Haiti.
  • dear ones who had the burden for our children’s feeding program.
  • friends who enabled us to get a good vehicle.
  • friends who gave us a beautiful compound to oversee and serve as a place to live
  • dear lady who inspired the members of your women’s group to send donations.
  • friend who sent the worm medicine and antibiotics when they were so needed.
  • kind lady who sent wedding dresses to Haiti so a woman here could start a rental business.
  • Thank you to my mother who’s now in Heaven. You were overjoyed when I told you we were going to be missionaries to Haiti.
  • Thank you to my older brother who joined her three years ago who gave so freely.
  • Thank you to our children who gave up many comforts to grow up on the mission field.
  • Thanks to the friend who was burdened for the young man who wanted to go to music school, but didn’t have the money.
  • Thanks to the friend who helped send another young man to Bible school.
  • Thank you for enabling us to stay on the field for 30 years!

The Master Craftsman


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

Luckner Borélus is passionate about his work. Not only is he a master craftsman with woodwork, he is also very artistic. His attention to detail and hours of labor spent over an unfinished product reveals tremendous skill and a high standard of excellence. Fortunately, Luckner is a member of our church and a graduate from our Bible institute. He’s a faithful follower of Jesus and a great role model as a husband and father. The added plus to all this is that we benefit from his excellent work ethic.

Recently, Luckner built a double bed for our new guest room. Hours of scheming and dreaming went into the preparation to build it on his part. I just asked him to build a simple bed, much like the one we have in our bedroom. But, after much thinking and meditation on his part, he presented me with another idea. For Luckner, every work is a work of art and the end product must be nothing short of magnificent. I finally relented to his idea, although I was a bit nervous about the finale. I knew we would have to use the bed, whether we liked it or not. Frankly, the bed surpassed all our expectations and now awaits future visitors to our home. Luckner doesn’t do anything an demi (halfway or half-baked). “I want to do everything for the glory of God,” he tells me.

Fortunately, we also have a master craftsman who is working on us. According to Ephesians 2:10, we are the Lord’s workmanship. As he labors over us, we often feel the pressure of his saw, the unrelenting pounding of his hammer, then finally the gorgeous finish that is uniquely beautiful to each of us. He joyfully desires to hold us up to the world exclaiming, “Look at my finished product! How beautiful he/she is!”

Even as I type this post, I can hear Luckner’s saw outside grinding away. Sometimes we feel like the Lord’s blade is on us. More often than we would like, it seems his continual sanding down of our rough places have no end. Are you in that place right now? Take heart! The finished project will be, as Luckner says, “Magnificent!”

Deronvet and Many More…

Young Deronvet’s mother led him to school one morning this week. She had just enough money to pay for his registration fee, so she left him there so he could start his day’s work. Deronvet is a student at our school in Petite-Anse. Pastor Lefort (the pastor of our church and school in Sainte-Philomène) was teaching there that day.

The school has over 900 students now and all the workers are very busy, so the school secretary asked Pastor Lefort if he would lead Deronvet to his classroom and help him get settled in with the other students. Pastor Lefort led Deronvet to meet his teacher and waited until she found him a place with the other students on the bench. As he was leaving, he turned around and saw that the young boy was crying. When asked why he was crying, Deronvet told Pastor Lefort that his mother hadn’t fed him that morning and that he had no money to buy any food. Pastor Lefort gave him some money to buy some crackers. Afterwards, Pastor Lefort relayed to us the first thought that came to his mind in that moment, “Thank God for the feeding program that’s starting up! Lord, please bless all the generous people that have given to this need.”

It’s students like Deronvet and so many others that weigh on our hearts on a daily basis. Many of them leave school and return to homes that we wouldn’t put our favorite pets in. Food is either scarce or nonexistent once they get home. It is for this reason that Deronvet and 1,200 other students say a big “Merci!” for opening up your hearts and your pocketbooks to help Rehoboth Ministries with the children’s feeding program. A student just like Deronvet can eat two hearty meals a week for the entire school year for just $30. Would you spread the word?

Our Supporters Speak

I want to thank God for Rehoboth Ministries. Since the mid 1980s when I laid my hands on Prit and Dana Adams and commissioned them for the missions ministry in Cap Haitien, the Lord has greatly used them in the planting of churches and schools. They have worked diligently to build a ministry that would touch lives and change them by the hand of our Lord Jesus.

From the very beginning of their ministry, Prit and Dana have worked to build something great for our Lord and they have always placed God at the center of their ministry without thinking of self or even their own future. I know of no one who exceeds their sacrifice for the ministry.

Fay and I salute you, Prit and Dana as two of the greatest workers in His Kingdom.

John and Fay Hedgepeth
Northwood Temple Church, Fayetteville, NC

Thank you for those kind words, Pastor Hedgepeth!