A Fitting Tribute

Exactly two years ago today, Prit and I left Calgary, Canada, to return to the United States. On August 31, 2010, we said goodbye to our dear friends, Pastor Richard and Beth Kope, and made our way back to Raleigh where we were finally reunited with Prit’s parents and our son, Gabriel. Since that day we have given the testimony several times concerning Prit’s ordeal and seen many people receive healing as well. Having suffered from two massive brain hemorrhages, Prit not only survived, but has returned to his life’s work on the mission field.

We dedicate this post as a fitting tribute to a couple that stood with us through our 52-day ordeal and who proved to be faithful prayer companions as well as dear friends. To share the many ways the Kopes blessed us during our time there would fill volumes. Knowing them, they would probably just  like to stay out of the limelight, however. Suffice it to say, we are very privileged to call them our friends. We will never forget the way they and their church family rallied around us during the most difficult crisis of our lives. Since that fiery trial, we have come and gone to Haiti three times, but  the memory of our time in Canada has never faded. Even now, I can see Beth counseling me with soothing words after hearing a bad report from the doctor. And in my mind’s eye, I can clearly see Richard Kope with his open Bible reading the Scriptures over Prit’s still form for hours at a time. How do you say ”thank you” for this kind of devotion? You can’t, but they know our hearts. Once again, we salute you, Richard and Beth.

We are also very grateful to our three pastors, Bible institute teachers, and members of the three church plants for the way they have stepped up to the plate to keep Rehoboth Ministries running. The work in Haiti is flourishing because of our faithful workers who run the day-to-day operations of the work there. What a mighty team the Lord has given us and we are all the more fortunate to have such faithful supporters and laborers that make this work what it is.

We are presently in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and will return to Haiti after the Ministers Fellowship International Conference that takes place every year in Portland, Oregon the first week of October. If you would like for us to come to your area to share, we would love to come and encourage your church, men’s or ladies’ group or prayer breakfast. Just let us know!

Victorious Faith Fellowship

Prit and I traveled to Forest Hill, Maryland, last weekend to minister at Victorious Faith Fellowship. Before we reached the Virginia line, the rain was pouring so hard we thought we might have to turn back. We drove several miles at just 10 miles per hour and, by the time we finally reached our destination at 4:20, we were weary travelers. On our way up, Prit swung by Arundel High School where he finished his senior year in 1973. It had been almost 40 years since he had returned to that area.

Despite the poor weather and heavy traffic around the Baltimore area, it was well worth the trip. Pastor Mike and Debra Baker have a wonderful church and a very loving church family. We shared the testimony concerning Prit’s healing and I (Dana) later ministered to the ladies of the church. Standing at the pulpit, we were keenly aware that, two years prior, adding a day, Prit had checked out of Foothills Medical Center on August 25 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  For us, this story never grows old. Prit and I shared testimonies from what we call “The Overflow” of healings that have taken place as a result of this testimony. We shared of cancers disappearing as well as diabetes, a chronic ten-month cough being healed, blocked kidneys opening up, plus a host of other miracles that have taken place since we started sharing Prit’s story. As usual, we had a long healing line and it was such a joy to pray for hurting people with all kinds of needs.

After we finished praying for everyone, I grabbed a quick bite to eat with the ladies, then returned for the women’s meeting. While Prit spent time with Pastor Mike, I shared some nuggets I had found from the second chapter of John concerning the marriage at Cana. The wine that was miraculously supplied for a wedding party was just a foretaste of what was about to be spilled onto humankind. The fact that a woman (Mary) was used to play a pivotal part in this first miracle is a beautiful illustration of our Lord restoring woman’s dignity back to her since that fatal decision made in the Garden of Eden.

What a powerful ladies’ group! Several generations were represented. While having lunch with them, I learned that many of them had their own incredible testimonies of healing and deliverance. How exciting it is to know that these seasoned women of God have promised to keep praying for our ministry. These ladies are dynamos and they mean business!

Thank you Pastor Mike and Debra for opening your church and your hearts to us. We will keep Victorious Faith Fellowship in our earnest prayers!

Another Record!

Thanks to the generous offering of a dear couple that supports our ministry, added to the faithful giving of one of our supporting churches, we have hit another record. Max is back to show us that we’ve hit the $8,000 mark and are now moving upward towards the $9,000 mark.

The current total collected for our children’s feeding program to date is $8,102! Our goal for the entire school year is $36,000. It only takes $30 to feed one child for an entire year.

Food for Thought

As I sit here at Barnes & Noble today, I can picture in my mind’s eye two big brown eyes staring up at me. Even though we’re not in Haiti at the moment, those eyes follow me everywhere. I know that this child’s parents – and so many others – are praying fervently that our food program will commence in conjunction with the opening of our three schools this year. These parents know how much this will lighten their burden if their children get fed a couple of substantial meals each week at school.

According to this article, which ran yesterday in the Los Angeles Times, Americans toss out as much as 40% of their food! If this is true, I find this fact grievous because we face hungry people every day. What grieves me even more is that I have removed spoiled food from our refrigerator in Haiti as well. Food that could have been put to better use was dumped into the trash can instead. We are probably all guilty of the mismanagement of the resources the Lord has entrusted to us. Maybe, if we all work together, we could be better stewards of the Lord’s blessings and have more left over to help those who are less fortunate than we are. If this speaks to you, would you please consider making a difference in a child’s life this year and donating to our Schoolkid Lunch Fund?

Max’s Update

Max is back to give us his latest update concerning the kids’ feeding program in Haiti. We have passed the $7,000 mark and are steadily climbing. A special thanks goes to all of you that have been sending gifts through PayPal and otherwise. We now have a grand total of $7,392! Maybe some of you would like to help us work our way up to $8,000.00.

Classes will recommence in just a few short weeks and children will be coming to school with high hopes of getting something substantial to fill their bellies. Just a simple donation of roughly $30 will help feed a child for the entire school year. An entire family can’t eat at a restaurant for that price! You can make a difference with your giving! Our total goal this year is $36,000. We still have a long way to go and could use your help!

The Miraculous and the Practical

Pastor Dick and Sandra Stark (Alexander City, AL) have shared some provocative thoughts concerning feeding the poor in their  beautiful summary below. Note Jesus’ response to his disciples in regards to feeding the hungry multitude that stood before them. Dick, Sandra, and their local church were forerunners in helping us get our feeding program up and running last year. Below are photos they took during their visit with us in May 2012.

John 6:5 – … where shall we buy bread that these may eat?”

Jesus was not hesitant to put His disciples into a corner, even when He knew that the outcome would require far more than they were capable of (6:14). The disciples’ counsel was summoned to assess the situation. One complained that the sheer volume of food required to feed a crowd as large at that which had assembled that day would demand nearly a year’s wages for an average man. A second, who had polled the crowd to see what resources were available, found two small fish and five loaves of bread. His conclusion: “What are they among so many?” As true as it is that there is safety in a multitude of counselors, no workable solutions were forthcoming from their deliberations. Yet there was no doubt as to Jesus’ intent. He was determined that those who had come to hear Him would leave with full stomachs as well as full spirits. On that day Jesus instituted a “feeding program” under the most impossible of conditions.

The disciples looked over the crowd and concluded that even if a collection were taken, the sum would fall far short of the estimated 200 denarii it would take to feed them. A further obstacle was presented by the fact that they were in an isolated place. People could not be dismissed to seek nourishment since they would faint along the way. There were simply not enough resources available to feed that many hungry people. In light of how far away they were from the food supply, Jesus’ question (“Where shall we buy bread?”) seems almost like a rhetorical one, a question with no answer.

The most relevant of the responses to Jesus for our purposes, however, is, “What are they [these fishes and loaves] among so many?” We know where resources can be had. But what we have to give is a drop in a bucket in view of the overwhelming need! Like Jesus, Pritchard and Dana Adams chose to reinstitute their school feeding program under the most impossible of conditions. Economies around the globe are struggling to keep their heads above water. Food prices have skyrocketed globally and a drought in the Midwestern “corn belt” of the United States has driven up the price of oil. It is just not a good time to be trying to feed hungry school children. But let’s revisit Jesus’ words — “Where will we buy bread that these may eat?” He didn’t ask “how” will we buy bread, but “where”.

Jesus gave thanks and began to distribute, first to the disciples, and from the disciples to the multitude. I am not sure what has been raised thus far to help feed the 1,200 school children who will be returning to class in a few weeks, but right now the situation is like when Jesus’ disciples asked, “what are these few loaves among so many?” We begin by giving thanks for what has come in for the Haiti school feeding program and we trust that in so blessing the supply will be multiplied. The disciples merely handed out what was in their hands. As they did so, the supply multiplied until twenty-four hands distributed enough to feed 5,000. As you give to help feed hungry school children this year, give thanks for what you contributed and pray for it to be multiplied so that like those who ate that day, these children may have “as much as they want” (6:11).

Prayer Request

Our hearts are touched today for little Justin Lefort. Justin is the youngest son of one of our pastors, Pastor Gesner Lefort. Pastor Lefort pastors our third church plant, is a teacher in our Bible institute, and performs so many other valuable jobs on the side that they are too numerous to name here. The doctor doesn’t know what caused this growth on his nose. It has already been lanced and reduced in size, but is still quite large and unsightly.

Surgery has been recommended and Justin cries a lot from the pain. Surgery in Haiti is tricky business, not to mention costly! We would rather see prayer win the day for our little friend. Will you join forces with us and ask the Lord to simply heal Justin? Your compassion is appreciated!

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases…”  Psalm 103:2,3

A Family Affair

In case you’ve been wondering why you haven’t heard from us lately, it’s because we’ve been enjoying special family time with our three kids. As I type, we are making our way back to Fayetteville from the beach. This is the last phase of our vacation and Gabe is the only one left with us.

Last week, John, Gabe, Prit, and I traveled to West Va. to visit Deb in Shepherdstown.  Deb has just finished up her second session of summer school at Shepherd University and has a part-time job. She did manage to get a few days off though and visit Antietam and Gettysburg with us. Our time was rich and we, sadly, left her behind then visited Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. Afterwards, we toured the house and museum across the street where our sixteenth President finally drew his last breath.

Returning from D.C. to Fayetteville, we spent the night then sadly said another “Goodbye” to John. He had to return to Asheville to work. The next day we took off for Surf City so Gabe could enjoy the beautiful, warm weather of the North Carolina coast, as well as spending some time with his friend, Zack. Tomorrow morning, he’ll be making his way back to Portland and we’ll be recalling memories of a perfect family reunion. We’re so proud of our kids and immensely cherished our time together.

Here are a couple of photos from our trip

John & Deb

Gabe & Abe

A Word from Max…


Here’s our latest update from Max! We have passed the $6,000 mark for our Feeding Program and are steadily climbing toward our goal. The current amount is  $6,455. Perhaps you can help us reach $7,000!

A commitment was recently made by a friend to write a check for $30 each month to Rehoboth Ministries for an entire year. Thirty dollars will feed one child two hot meals each week, all year round. Our friend’s pledge will feed, not one, but several hungry kids!

Our total goal for the Feeding Program is $36,000. We only lack $29,545!

Every single dollar that’s donated to the Feeding Program goes straight to Haiti to help feed the kids. There is no overhead. Every penny you give counts. Max can vouch for that!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Jean-Baptiste Polux, our cameraman-in-training!

Jean-Baptiste Polux is a drummer on our worship team. He is also an active member of our main church in Petite-Anse. Among the many musicians that grace our table each week, Polux is one of those that has joined in the laughter, joking, and storytelling while enjoying a good meal. It was in one of these “round-table” discussions that he opened up his heart and shared with us the longing of his heart. Already having a love for technology and helping Brother Ernst in the business he has established (A Diligent Man), Polux’s main passion was to go to film school.

With the help of the Small Business account, we were able to get Polux teamed up with his own personal trainer. We are amazed at how quickly these young fellows learn. It was as if they were born with the knack to operate cameras, video cameras, computers and such! And their excitement about having “a future with a hope,” grants us untold joy in being able to help give them a headstart.

Polux is busy learning how to be a cameraman. Recently, he watched a movie at our home called Courageous.  I (Dana) shared the background of the making of this movie as well as three other movies (Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof), which were made by the Sherwood Production Company in Albany, Georgia. The concept for the movies originated with the pastor and members of the Sherwood Baptist Church.

“Polux, a local church had a burden to make Christian films and launched out to try their hand at movie making. Who knows what you can do with your skills and how those skills can impact Haiti?” I said. He was completely mesmerized by this story and now has a dream of making a difference in his own sphere of the world, impacting his own nation with the Gospel.

Would you uphold Polux in your prayers? Better yet, would you like to give someone else like Polux a hand-up in life? Your giving can literally change the course of someone’s future!