Victorious Faith Fellowship

Prit and I traveled to Forest Hill, Maryland, last weekend to minister at Victorious Faith Fellowship. Before we reached the Virginia line, the rain was pouring so hard we thought we might have to turn back. We drove several miles at just 10 miles per hour and, by the time we finally reached our destination at 4:20, we were weary travelers. On our way up, Prit swung by Arundel High School where he finished his senior year in 1973. It had been almost 40 years since he had returned to that area.

Despite the poor weather and heavy traffic around the Baltimore area, it was well worth the trip. Pastor Mike and Debra Baker have a wonderful church and a very loving church family. We shared the testimony concerning Prit’s healing and I (Dana) later ministered to the ladies of the church. Standing at the pulpit, we were keenly aware that, two years prior, adding a day, Prit had checked out of Foothills Medical Center on August 25 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  For us, this story never grows old. Prit and I shared testimonies from what we call “The Overflow” of healings that have taken place as a result of this testimony. We shared of cancers disappearing as well as diabetes, a chronic ten-month cough being healed, blocked kidneys opening up, plus a host of other miracles that have taken place since we started sharing Prit’s story. As usual, we had a long healing line and it was such a joy to pray for hurting people with all kinds of needs.

After we finished praying for everyone, I grabbed a quick bite to eat with the ladies, then returned for the women’s meeting. While Prit spent time with Pastor Mike, I shared some nuggets I had found from the second chapter of John concerning the marriage at Cana. The wine that was miraculously supplied for a wedding party was just a foretaste of what was about to be spilled onto humankind. The fact that a woman (Mary) was used to play a pivotal part in this first miracle is a beautiful illustration of our Lord restoring woman’s dignity back to her since that fatal decision made in the Garden of Eden.

What a powerful ladies’ group! Several generations were represented. While having lunch with them, I learned that many of them had their own incredible testimonies of healing and deliverance. How exciting it is to know that these seasoned women of God have promised to keep praying for our ministry. These ladies are dynamos and they mean business!

Thank you Pastor Mike and Debra for opening your church and your hearts to us. We will keep Victorious Faith Fellowship in our earnest prayers!

1 thought on “Victorious Faith Fellowship

  1. Quite a time that was! I was just remembering the recovery days in the hospital in Calgary, where I believe Prit asked me if I was a bomb-maker? We were sort of laughing and then he said “Well, verbal bombs anyways…”
    Fair enough Prit. Fair enough.
    Bless you guys. You’re doing an amazing work!
    Corey Kope
    Chinook Winds

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