A Family Affair

In case you’ve been wondering why you haven’t heard from us lately, it’s because we’ve been enjoying special family time with our three kids. As I type, we are making our way back to Fayetteville from the beach. This is the last phase of our vacation and Gabe is the only one left with us.

Last week, John, Gabe, Prit, and I traveled to West Va. to visit Deb in Shepherdstown.  Deb has just finished up her second session of summer school at Shepherd University and has a part-time job. She did manage to get a few days off though and visit Antietam and Gettysburg with us. Our time was rich and we, sadly, left her behind then visited Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. Afterwards, we toured the house and museum across the street where our sixteenth President finally drew his last breath.

Returning from D.C. to Fayetteville, we spent the night then sadly said another “Goodbye” to John. He had to return to Asheville to work. The next day we took off for Surf City so Gabe could enjoy the beautiful, warm weather of the North Carolina coast, as well as spending some time with his friend, Zack. Tomorrow morning, he’ll be making his way back to Portland and we’ll be recalling memories of a perfect family reunion. We’re so proud of our kids and immensely cherished our time together.

Here are a couple of photos from our trip

John & Deb

Gabe & Abe

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