Lights, Camera, Action!

Jean-Baptiste Polux, our cameraman-in-training!

Jean-Baptiste Polux is a drummer on our worship team. He is also an active member of our main church in Petite-Anse. Among the many musicians that grace our table each week, Polux is one of those that has joined in the laughter, joking, and storytelling while enjoying a good meal. It was in one of these “round-table” discussions that he opened up his heart and shared with us the longing of his heart. Already having a love for technology and helping Brother Ernst in the business he has established (A Diligent Man), Polux’s main passion was to go to film school.

With the help of the Small Business account, we were able to get Polux teamed up with his own personal trainer. We are amazed at how quickly these young fellows learn. It was as if they were born with the knack to operate cameras, video cameras, computers and such! And their excitement about having “a future with a hope,” grants us untold joy in being able to help give them a headstart.

Polux is busy learning how to be a cameraman. Recently, he watched a movie at our home called Courageous.  I (Dana) shared the background of the making of this movie as well as three other movies (Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof), which were made by the Sherwood Production Company in Albany, Georgia. The concept for the movies originated with the pastor and members of the Sherwood Baptist Church.

“Polux, a local church had a burden to make Christian films and launched out to try their hand at movie making. Who knows what you can do with your skills and how those skills can impact Haiti?” I said. He was completely mesmerized by this story and now has a dream of making a difference in his own sphere of the world, impacting his own nation with the Gospel.

Would you uphold Polux in your prayers? Better yet, would you like to give someone else like Polux a hand-up in life? Your giving can literally change the course of someone’s future!

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