Mission House: “After” Pictures

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The first phase of the work on the mission house is finished! Below, you can see a picture of Brother Rodelin showing off his plumbing work — we now have running water in the bathroom (a precious commodity in Haiti)! Brother Girard is the one adding the final touches to the wall. We are so proud of their work and even happier to have provided them with a short-term job. The cost of painting the other two bedrooms and the hallway, plus laying the tile, will be $1,261. We would love to have it all done (at least the sleeping quarters) before our short-term missions teams start coming down in the fall. Finishing the house would also mean more opportunity to work for these two talented construction workers. Do you think you could help? Even if you can’t cover the total cost, anything you could contribute would be appreciated. “Little is much when God is in it.”

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