The Power of a Gift

Several months ago, I asked my niece’s husband, Sabin, if he could keep an eye out for a professional-type camera on eBay to buy for a not-so-professional price. I needed a really good camera for the ministry that would make great pictures for our newsletter, website, and other needs that arose. Sabin buys and sells on eBay all the time. I figured he would be better able, not to mention more knowledgeable, about finding just the right camera. Imagine my surprise when he contacted me and said, ”I have a camera at home. It’s still in the box and, if you want it, you can have it”. It turned out to be a really nice Pentax k200d and came with several different lenses and a case.

Never did I imagine, when I asked Sabin if he could find me a really nice, but relatively inexpensive camera, that he would give from his own bounty such a beautiful gift. What a blessing that gift has become! I’ve been using it for the ministry in all sorts of ways. Even better than that, we have a couple of guys in our church that are very ”technologically minded” and learn a lot quicker than me! God is putting together a media team of sorts and they are already using the camera to take beautiful pictures, thus freeing me up to do other things.

Ernst Massillon and Polux Jean-Baptiste are the type of guys that make one’s heart sing. Self-motivated and very eager to learn, they have demonstrated that unique quality that one finds in successful entrepreneurs. After giving Ernst free rein with the camera, he took a free course in downtown Cap-Haitian and learned all the ins and outs of exactly how to use it.  He has become  very adept at using the Pentax and recently took beautiful pictures of our Bible school graduates. Most of the pictures you see on this website have been taken by him as well.

Ernst and another brother in our church, Polux Jean-Baptiste, have teamed up and become our amateur photographers/cameramen. Prit was also given the gift of an iphone and they both have learned to use it as well to make videos of events in our church. We are presently sending Polux several times a week to be personally trained by a camera technician in town with the help of funds from the Small Business account. He and Ernst definitely have the spark that makes us thrilled to invest in the future of Godly and hard-working people. These two need very little encouragement to work hard and their enthusiasm is infectious! Proving themselves extremely competent, these two brothers are now at liberty to use the Pentax to make beautiful pictures of marriages, baby dedications, and other events in order to bring in some income. Since they have both started a little business together selling items such as cell phone parts and phone cards, they will be able to funnel some of their income into building their business.

We are extremely proud of Ernst and Polux. We are also proud of Sabin for being the catalyst to help  two young men get a ”hand-up” in a land where opportunities to get ahead are extremely rare. Sabin would understand, as he is a native of Nepal and came to the United States looking for a better opportunity in life himself. More about Ernst and Polux later. Thank you, Sabin, for making such a tremendous impact simply by giving a gift!

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