Mission House: “After” Pictures

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The first phase of the work on the mission house is finished! Below, you can see a picture of Brother Rodelin showing off his plumbing work — we now have running water in the bathroom (a precious commodity in Haiti)! Brother Girard is the one adding the final touches to the wall. We are so proud of their work and even happier to have provided them with a short-term job. The cost of painting the other two bedrooms and the hallway, plus laying the tile, will be $1,261. We would love to have it all done (at least the sleeping quarters) before our short-term missions teams start coming down in the fall. Finishing the house would also mean more opportunity to work for these two talented construction workers. Do you think you could help? Even if you can’t cover the total cost, anything you could contribute would be appreciated. “Little is much when God is in it.”

The Power of a Gift

Several months ago, I asked my niece’s husband, Sabin, if he could keep an eye out for a professional-type camera on eBay to buy for a not-so-professional price. I needed a really good camera for the ministry that would make great pictures for our newsletter, website, and other needs that arose. Sabin buys and sells on eBay all the time. I figured he would be better able, not to mention more knowledgeable, about finding just the right camera. Imagine my surprise when he contacted me and said, ”I have a camera at home. It’s still in the box and, if you want it, you can have it”. It turned out to be a really nice Pentax k200d and came with several different lenses and a case.

Never did I imagine, when I asked Sabin if he could find me a really nice, but relatively inexpensive camera, that he would give from his own bounty such a beautiful gift. What a blessing that gift has become! I’ve been using it for the ministry in all sorts of ways. Even better than that, we have a couple of guys in our church that are very ”technologically minded” and learn a lot quicker than me! God is putting together a media team of sorts and they are already using the camera to take beautiful pictures, thus freeing me up to do other things.

Ernst Massillon and Polux Jean-Baptiste are the type of guys that make one’s heart sing. Self-motivated and very eager to learn, they have demonstrated that unique quality that one finds in successful entrepreneurs. After giving Ernst free rein with the camera, he took a free course in downtown Cap-Haitian and learned all the ins and outs of exactly how to use it.  He has become  very adept at using the Pentax and recently took beautiful pictures of our Bible school graduates. Most of the pictures you see on this website have been taken by him as well.

Ernst and another brother in our church, Polux Jean-Baptiste, have teamed up and become our amateur photographers/cameramen. Prit was also given the gift of an iphone and they both have learned to use it as well to make videos of events in our church. We are presently sending Polux several times a week to be personally trained by a camera technician in town with the help of funds from the Small Business account. He and Ernst definitely have the spark that makes us thrilled to invest in the future of Godly and hard-working people. These two need very little encouragement to work hard and their enthusiasm is infectious! Proving themselves extremely competent, these two brothers are now at liberty to use the Pentax to make beautiful pictures of marriages, baby dedications, and other events in order to bring in some income. Since they have both started a little business together selling items such as cell phone parts and phone cards, they will be able to funnel some of their income into building their business.

We are extremely proud of Ernst and Polux. We are also proud of Sabin for being the catalyst to help  two young men get a ”hand-up” in a land where opportunities to get ahead are extremely rare. Sabin would understand, as he is a native of Nepal and came to the United States looking for a better opportunity in life himself. More about Ernst and Polux later. Thank you, Sabin, for making such a tremendous impact simply by giving a gift!

Off and Running!

Pastors Nelson & Vicky Hopkins

“And they’re off and running!” Well, “they” means us and by this we’re referring to the first church on our summer schedule. On Sunday morning, we ministered at Impact Church in Morehead City. We had a great time sharing about the crisis that we underwent in 2010 with Prit’s brain aneurysms and God’s faithfulness towards us during that fiery trial. Many people responded to the message and came forward for prayer for healing. What a privilege it is to pray for God’s people!

Right before the service closed, one of those that came forward for prayer raised his hand and exclaimed, “I just want to tell you all that I feel the power of God all over my body! It’s like a hand is resting on my back!” This particular brother in the Lord had had chronic pain all through his body as well as a disc in his back that had totally deteriorated. We are looking forward to more wonderful reports of healing.

Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins have a great church and it’s apparent that this fellowship has a genuine love for each other. They are just wrapping up a 40-day fast. Incidentally, we were scheduled to visit their old church in Beaufort (Faith and Victory) in 2010, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t work out. It was a joyous reunion after not being able to get together for many years. What a blessing it is to have Impact Church partnering with Rehoboth Ministries to make an impact in Haiti!

Yesterday, we visited with friends in Sneads Ferry and had a time of wonderful fellowship. We’ve been spending the weekend with my (Dana’s) sister, Mary Ann, and are getting ready to head back to Fayetteville today. It’s always a special time for us, who have been on the mission field, to get to spend time with our loved ones!

Our oldest son, John, was told he has Thursday off, so he’s coming in from Asheville to join us for a long weekend. We are so excited and looking forward to seeing Gabe and Deb later in the summer.

Ministering at Impact Church

Now that Prit’s  surgery is over, we are gearing up for a busy summer!

Sunday, we will be in Morehead City ministering at Impact Church. We’re greatly looking forward to seeing Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins and expecting a mighty move of the Holy Spirit as we minister. If you live nearby, come out and see us. We’ll be sharing the testimony of Prit’s healing of 2010 again. This story never gets old!

We would appreciate your prayers as well!

A Work in Progress

As you can see, our mission house needs help! But the work is under way! Here are the “Before” pictures I promised and am looking forward to giving you the “After” pictures soon! The house has needed repairs for some time. Even the shower stall (as you see below) needs tile. We know our team is going to do a great job. Would you like to invest into this project? We could sure use your help!


Rodelin Fleurimond is busy this week. Rodelin is our “go to” guy for laying tile and changing pipes. In our absence, Rodelin, his dad, and Girard Moise, (another brother in our church), are transforming the bathroom and large guest room in our mission house. After Rodelin and Brother Siltès (his dad) finish replacing all the pipes and doing the tile work, Girard will spruce up everything with a nice paint job. We can hardly wait to see this long-awaited improvement when we get back to Haiti. Our teams that come to visit us in the future will thoroughly enjoy the new accommodations as well! Any of you that have stayed as guests in the mission house already know that describing it as “rustic” is no exaggeration by any means!

In the past, Rodelin and his father always had to cut tile the hard way, but thanks to our “Small Business” account, Rehoboth Ministries was able to help them purchase the machine above in order to make this job go a whole lot faster. Just $75 has made Rodelin a very happy man!

Tomorrow, we’ll show you the “Before” pictures of the job that is already in progress. Stay tuned in order to see the “After” shots, plus a picture of our faithful crew. If you’ve been following these updates faithfully, you may recognize Girard’s name. Girard received a paint compressor as a result of our “Small Business” account as well. What a joy to be able to help employ others so they can put food on the table for their families!

Our final goal is to retile and repaint the whole mission house. This present job cost us just under $2,000 for all the materials as well as labor. We’ve received a generous gift of $500 already to help move this work forward. Would you like to chip in and help us finish the entire project? Your offerings would also be enabling these workers to stay on the job!

Cause for Celebration!

We wish to thank all of you for your many prayers for Prit. He had ventral (stomach) surgery yesterday to repair a long-term hernia. Everything went extremely well. The doctor said it wasn’t even necessary to put in a mesh!

Since Prit returned home from the outpatient clinic, he has had very minimal discomfort and, after a good night’s sleep, is feeling great today. He felt so great, in fact, that we were even able to go out and celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary together. We’re both counting our blessings and are very thankful – both for a successful surgery, as well as for 31 wonderful years together. Most of you know that we have been through many deep waters together since we both said, “I Do” in 1981, and have MUCH cause to celebrate!


We’re immensely enjoying being back in the States. Now that the weariness of jet lag has lifted, we are excited about all the different places we’ll be ministering this summer, as well as visiting with friends and family. But before we get too active in our schedule, Prit will be having surgery to repair a ventral hernia (stomach) and will have to take a few days to mend. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning at 9:15 and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for him at this time. As you can imagine, after the surgeries he’s had in the last two years, this would have been the last thing on his “to do” list! But we felt it was time to go ahead and get this taken care of. We will keep you posted. Thanks so much for your prayers!