Rodelin Fleurimond is busy this week. Rodelin is our “go to” guy for laying tile and changing pipes. In our absence, Rodelin, his dad, and Girard Moise, (another brother in our church), are transforming the bathroom and large guest room in our mission house. After Rodelin and Brother Siltès (his dad) finish replacing all the pipes and doing the tile work, Girard will spruce up everything with a nice paint job. We can hardly wait to see this long-awaited improvement when we get back to Haiti. Our teams that come to visit us in the future will thoroughly enjoy the new accommodations as well! Any of you that have stayed as guests in the mission house already know that describing it as “rustic” is no exaggeration by any means!

In the past, Rodelin and his father always had to cut tile the hard way, but thanks to our “Small Business” account, Rehoboth Ministries was able to help them purchase the machine above in order to make this job go a whole lot faster. Just $75 has made Rodelin a very happy man!

Tomorrow, we’ll show you the “Before” pictures of the job that is already in progress. Stay tuned in order to see the “After” shots, plus a picture of our faithful crew. If you’ve been following these updates faithfully, you may recognize Girard’s name. Girard received a paint compressor as a result of our “Small Business” account as well. What a joy to be able to help employ others so they can put food on the table for their families!

Our final goal is to retile and repaint the whole mission house. This present job cost us just under $2,000 for all the materials as well as labor. We’ve received a generous gift of $500 already to help move this work forward. Would you like to chip in and help us finish the entire project? Your offerings would also be enabling these workers to stay on the job!

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