Church Building Fund

Haiti has a rich culture despite a past that includes an incredible amount of suffering. Haitians are known for their proverbs, which are pithy revelations of how they see life. A common proverb goes, “Piti, piti, zwazo fè nich” — “Little by little the bird builds its nest” which means “Little by little, we accomplish our goals.”

Among the many ministries that are taking place through our work here in Haiti is that of building a church building for the glory of God. We have come to the place where our “tonnelle” is too small. There is such a thing as a “good problem” — it’s good that we are having record growth, but it’s still a problem knowing where to put everyone! At present, we are meeting with an engineer and builders in our church assembly to move forward with building plans.

Would you like to put your hand to this work and help us meet this goal? Please note the barometer on the site. Your giving would be so appreciated!

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