Ramz, Your New Favorite Salesman

Ramz Reynaldo Révéus is 20 years old and a member of our church in Petite-Anse. He is a vital part of our youth group, playing the electric guitar in the worship band and lending his voice in song. He is vivacious and full of life, always learning and making himself a model for our youth by developing his talents. Ramz asked us if we would help him become a distributor for Herbal Life products and we were more than happy to give him a “hand up.” We know that he is going to excel in this new venture because he throws his heart into everything he does. Would you please remember Ramz in your prayers and ask the Lord to bless his new business? With his proceeds, he will be able to finish paying for his school as well as providing for his other needs. With a face like this, how can he fail?

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