Biography: Pastor Délinx Joseph

Below is the testimony of Pastor Délinx Joseph. You will see that his biography is short and very humble. But please permit us to add a few lines.

Pastor Délinx is an incredible man of God in many ways. He is the pastor that oversees our “mother church” in Petite-Anse while we’re away. If you have read my book, ”Into the Storm”, you’re aware that it was Pastor Délinx who was presiding over the service in Haiti on the morning of July 4, 2010 when he suddenly felt a check in his spirit concerning Prit and implored our church assembly to intercede for Prit. They had no idea that, at that same moment, Prit was lying on a bathroom floor in Alberta, Canada just barely conscious. What resulted afterwards (as has since been described by our church members) was a tremendous sorrow that fell upon the church which reduced many to weeping and deep intercession.

We are so fortunate to have this great servant of the Lord as one of our leaders. He has stepped into Prit’s role and proven himself to be more than capable of leading our church. Pastor Délinx also oversees our largest school with 900+ students and teaches in our Bible institute. He labors tirelessly for the Lord. Would you please keep him and his family in your prayers? He carries a heavy load.

I am Joseph Délinx. I am married and I have four children. My wife’s name is Rose-Alène Joseph. I accepted Christ in September 1991 in the town of Fort-Liberté. God directed the subsequent events of my life, saving me and then leading me on to university studies and then pastoral training. Now, I am serving in the ministry as a pastor. I consider it a great privilege to be working for the Lord.

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