Take Me

Today marks 11 years since my husband and I were kidnapped by a gang in Haiti. Of all places, it was after our Sunday night church service in the church yard. After our jeep was commandeered by the gang’s leader, we were taken for a wild ride way outside of Cap-Haitian. Finally, coming upon a deserted spot in the woods and far away from town, the gang argued about who to take and who to keep. My husband said, “Take me” and they did. Long story short, this had a good ending. I reluctantly became a hostage negotiator and after paying a ransom, my husband was returned to me. I am so thankful for the Lord’s grace and care for us.

I’ve shared this story often on this blog, but today I want to zero in on my husband’s response. Even as I type, I am so moved that he was willing to take my place. Of course, one can imagine what goes through a woman’s mind when she’s surrounded by a group of evil men. But, there’s a bigger picture here. We have a Saviour who offered himself up to be the “bargaining chip” for us all. Our sins were our own, yet Jesus was willing to come forward to say take me. All the fury, hatred, and vile disgust Satan had for the Son of God was unleashed upon Jesus that day as He hung on the cross for our sins.

It is mind-bloggling to me that this decision was made from the beginning of time. Since God is all-knowing, He could have elected to never have created man and avoid all the misery and sorrow that would follow. If you’ve ever doubted God’s love for you, let this one truth put your mind to rest. The best that Heaven had to offer was sacrificed in order to buy you back from an eternity apart from God. All we have to do is simply acknowledge and receive that finished work for ourselves…all because there was one who would step forward and say, take me.

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