For Those Who Grieve…

A bereaved mother who lost her daughter this week in the Haiti earthquake.

By now, I am sure you have been updated concerning the recent earthquake which took place in the city of Les Cayes which is located in the western part of Haiti. Sometimes, I’m just too sad to post, but know that the people there need your prayers and aide. The death toll is over 700 now. I just communicated with an American mother whose daughter arrived in Les Cayes around a week ago to commit to two years to teaching in a school there. Her daughter’s apartment had cracks in the walls and one could see the concrete blocks exposed. So, like many others, she moved out and is dwelling under a tent with others seeking refuge from any further earthquake activity.

Les Cayes is far from Cap-Haitian which is located in the north of the island. Our workers in Cap felt strong tremors as well, which naturally set them on edge. But, there was nothing beyond that. There are folks in our churches who have relatives in Les Cayes. From what we’ve heard, their families are all safe.

One never knows what each day will bring. We all just have to be ready. On a Sunday night in October 2006, we didn’t have the foggiest idea that a gang was seated on our church benches. They were waiting for the service to end so they could kidnap us. Who could have guessed that on a trip to Canada in 2010 to visit friends that my husband would almost succumb to what would have been a fatal brain hemorrhage? There were other close calls in our earlier days when our sons were little and our daughter had not yet been born. We were on our first visit to Cap-Haitian. When we rounded a mountain curve, we were met with a group of people (both men and women) armed with machetes. They had pulled an old chassey across the road to block it and immediately demanded money. Between the providence of God and a word of wisdom the Lord gave to my husband, they let us go. My heart was in my throat all the way to Cap-Haitian, not to mention on our return trip to Port-au-Prince.

Just a week ago, everything was business as usual in Les Cayes which, like Cap Haitian, sits next to the ocean. Today, families are continuing their search among the rubble for loved ones. This, coupled with the possibility of subsequent quakes or a tsunami only adds to their anxious thoughts. We ask for your prayers and we ask you to give to those who are struggling, surviving, or, even worse, mourning the loss of a loved one.

Samaritan’s Purse and Agape Flights, Inc. are two wonderful ministries that we can heartily recommend. If you want to give through Rehoboth Ministries, we can make sure your funds get to a great ministry. Sending it directly would get to them more quickly, however. Thank you for your response to this tragedy.

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