Happy Birthday, CFC!

31 years young!

Yesterday, our flagship church celebrated its 31st anniversary. Le Centre de formation chrétienne (Center of Christian Formation) started in the most humble of beginnings. A temporary shelter with a thatched roof was erected right in the middle of voudou territory where the drums played incessantly night and day. We were ”wet-behind-the-ears” missionaries with big dreams. Little did we know all the trials we would go through that would bring us to this point today. But, God has been so faithful!. In the place of the thatched roof structure (called a tonnelle) stands a beautiful church building erected for the glory of God. Oh, by the way….you don’t hear the voudou drums anymore.

I shared an interview recently between our son, John, and a new staff member of Rehoboth, Gary St Vil. Gary agreed to share about what it was like growing up as a kid in our church. We are so proud of the man he has become today!


Our church was founded on February 4th,1990 by a missionary couple (the Adams family), under a tonnelle covered with a thatched roof. In a area where demonic worship was the norm and many kidnappings took place, God started to do great changes in the lives of the people. A lot of people came to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour.

I was 5 years old when my family came to this church in 1992.  Even though I was a young boy, I’ve been interested by everything in the church. As a church where lots of missionaries came to visit, I heard a language that I couldn’t understand. I became very interested in their language. I can remember one day I asked John, the  pastor’s son, to teach me English. He gave me a little Oxford dictionary. That was my first English book!

As a boy, I gave my life to Jesus and got baptized in1996. During the same year, I joined the church’s school which had been founded also. I was in the 2nd grade. So, I continued to grow through the church and the school.

The church went through many great difficulties such as the kidnapping of our Founding Pastor in 2006, and the illness of our Pastor in Canada in 2010. We had construction problems and lacked the money to build a decent building. But in spite of these great trials, God allowed us to overcome them with strength and courage and joy. In 2017, God gave us a great building through the ministry of Orphans Promise. Also our church gave birth to other churches. Now, God has allowed me to be a leader in this same church. We have a great team headed by Pastor Delinx. He was my teacher in 6th grade. Today, he oversees the church while the founding pastor is not in the country as well as the school. Please help me to say, Happy Anniversary to all the members of our church here in Petite-Anse. God bless you!

February 4th 1990 to February 4th 2021
31 years of grace !

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