Giving of Thanks

It’s been a few days since I gave an update. There’s a good reason for that. My life has been greatly altered since my surgery of October 20, 2020. The pain from the incisions and drains which (yes) are still connected to my chest has been relentless, not to mention the sapping of my strength. Recovering from major surgery produces a fatigue unlike any other and I have been forced to take on another stride. I’ve been learning to work with and respect my body in order to hasten my recovery. I’m so thankful to all of you who have acknowledged that, since the simplest of tasks now takes so much effort.

My daily routine lately has been quite different from what I usually accomplish. Emptying the fluid from the drains and recording their measurements is usually the first task of the day. Getting a shower and cleaning my wounds amazingly takes a lot of time and strength. I live in my pajamas. Once I’m done with these tasks, I ask the Lord to open His Word to me so I can be sustained with His strength throughout the day. This week’s been better than the last. I have had more energy — even if it is still limited. I told my husband that I will never look at a long list of things to do the same way again. I hope I will always remember to give the Lord thanks for the strength to tackle the list instead of complaining about all there is to be done! I will also have learned to do things in moderation with respect to the temple the Lord gave me.

As we approach the season of Thanksgiving, I would like to share a very powerful story with you that someone else related to me. A lady who had become very ill was placed in hospice. She was not expected to live very long due to her debiilitating condition. At times, the nurses would wheel her outside onto the porch to enjoy the sunshine or a nice breeze. The staff worked hard to make her last days as comfortable and pain-free as they could. But, somewhere along the way, she learned the art of thankfulness. She determined not to complain about her situation but rather to give thanks for all things. She began to thank the staff for helping her. She looked for the most minute details for which she could adopt an attitude of praise. Refusing to complain about her pathetic situation, she became the most joyful person in the ward. Then … a most spectacular thing began to unfold. Like a butterfly, slowly emerging from its cocoon, this lady’s body began to respond to her positive words and attitude. Little by little, she grew stronger and she began to celebrate each small victory. Remarkably, her health was fully restored and she returned to a normal life. This story had a profound effect on me and I hope it has touched your hearts as well. I desire to remain as faithful as this lady did. Interestingly, as I have embraced a spirit of thankfulness, my list of things for which I am grateful just keeps growing and growing!

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7 thoughts on “Giving of Thanks

  1. Dana,

    I continue to pray for your complete healing and that God’s nearness will be your good. Thanks for sharing the beautiful story – a great reminder to give thanks in everything! In Christ,


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  2. Thanks for sharing! Such an inspiration! In Everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you! 1st Thessalonians 5:18. Thinking of you throughout my day and praying for this that has come upon you to very soon become only a memory. This I pray for myself also Dana. Love you much! Betty

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  3. Hi Dana, This is Becky (I thought I’d tell you, because I realize that I rarely write!). Thank you for this post. It has blessed and challenged me, as well as given me even greater sympathy for what you are going through than I already had. God bless you, my sister. Our prayers for your healing and increasing strength are lifted up. Love you.


  4. I love that story! I have a condition that gives me constant pain-some days better than others. Starting now I’m giving thanks for something-every day!

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