So Many “Dorvils”… plus Update on Dana

This is one of the many students attending a school in Rehoboth’s network. (This is not little Dorvil.)

I received a message from one of our pastors in Haiti the other day. The lady who supervises the cooks on one of our compounds brought forth a complaint concerning a student. Since our feeding program is monitored closely to avoid any waste, she discovered that little Dorvil had eaten in the classroom, yet appeared in the kitchen asking for another plate of food. After two of our pastors called forth young Dorvil to reprimand him, their hearts melted when he explained his situation to them of virtually receiving no food at home. Our schools only provide one hot meal five days a week. The rest of the time (particularly the weekends), these children depend on their parents for food. Often, they find very little at home. There are so many “Dorvils” and yet, in one of our schools in the countryside, there are NO students receiving a hot meal.

If you are reading this and are not a regular giver to our feeding program, would you please consider joining the ranks of those who are already giving? Haiti is in dire straits and our pastors and teachers see it up close on a daily basis. No gift is too small. We would be thankful for whatever you can give. The information is below and all you have to do is earmark your check or online offering “feeding”. We’ll take care of the rest!

Update on Dana

My post-surgery appointment was this past Wednesday. The doctor was extremely pleased with the results. On November 11, I will return to remove the drains that continually fill with blood. They have to be emptied twice a day, then recorded as to how many centimeters of blood each drain produced, morning and evening. This past week has included sleep, sleep, and more sleep. In between times, I would work a little here and there on the ministry. It is impossible to ignore that altogether — even though we have many leaders in place in Haiti. The overseeing of the finances, secretarial work, communication with donors, updates on this website, monthly reports for the feeding program, end of the month letters to our donors, transfers, and the list goes on and on, rest on mine and Prit’s shoulders. It is imperative to keep our fingers on the pulse of the daily activities of Rehoboth Ministries in Haiti. We certainly identify with Paul’s comment in (2 Corinthians 11.28 ; GNT) :

“And not to mention other things, every day I am under the pressure of my concern for all the churches.

We want to render a good account in the end for our service to Him, so whether we’re there or not, Haiti is ever before us. In spite of anything I’ve faced, the hardships of the people we serve are so much greater. We fully appreciate your giving into this great ministry and, of course, your prayers for Rehoboth and for my health to be fully restored.

Rehoboth Ministries is… Changing Lives and Impacting a Nation

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 / (919) 751-8188  & please earmark your gift for Haiti.

Contact Information:

Pritchard: 910 703 3098 / Haiti: 011 509 4160 4096

Dana: / 910 916 7229 / Haiti: 011 509  4037 5341

John: / 910 581 0390 / Haiti: 011 509 3253 0595

Mailing Address:

Pritchard & Dana ADAMS

702 Cattail Court

Jacksonville, NC  28540


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