Haiti -The Noose Tightens


showImage Blockades and burning tires. Protests against insane conditions. Haitians have no choice but to take to the streets and demonstrate against the madness which continues to tighten the noose around their necks. From what we’ve read and are learning from missionaries on the ground, fuel has arrived to Haiti, yet, it’s not being delivered to the pumps. No fuel means no way to send one’s child to school. No fuel means paralysis to all who want to sell their wares in the market. The little that is available is now being sold for around $3.50 U.S. a gallon. This is a day’s wages for the few citizens who even have a decent job. Due to the ongoing fuel crisis, with no end in sight, every strata of society is being affected and it’s nationwide.

John posted this on his facebook page yesterday. As usual, we implore your prayers for his protection and for peace to come to the Haitian people.

Protests started while I was at school today. There was no way to get home by car, so I had to leave the car at a friend’s house and take public transport as far as it would take me. The chauffeur dropped us off at a major intersection where tires were burning. A Haitian co-worker of mine was kind enough to walk me and another co-worker all the way back to my house from there (about a 3-mile walk). I think I counted 5 different roadblocks. At one point, people had parked a bus across the highway so no one could get through. At one of the roadblocks, there were some rough-looking guys with rocks and bottles at their feet. We started to turn down an alley way thinking they might throw rocks at us but one of them said, “You guys are OK,” and waved us through. My Haitian co-worker’s generosity in walking me home amazed me (he had a wife and baby waiting for him at home). He also paid for my ride since I didn’t have any money on me. He said, “I just hope someone would do the same for me.” Things here can be rough, but Haiti also has some of the most generous people in the world. I don’t know how many people from back home would have done what he did. – John

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2 thoughts on “Haiti -The Noose Tightens

  1. We pray for families in Haiti that God’s peace will rule in their hearts. May people turn to Him for their needs. We pray in Jesus name. Amen

    The wisdom that comes from heaven is first pure and full of quiet gentleness. Then it is peace-loving and corteous. It allows discussion and is willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds.It is wholeheart and straightforward and sincere. James 3:17

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