Enjoying the Calm


Sam, our big 5 year old!

Prit and I are sitting in The Daily Grind coffee shop in Martinsburg, WV, while everyone else is working. We spent all day traveling to Deb and Ben’s and finally arrived yesterday afternoon. Boy, were we happy to see them and our grandchildren! I could go into a long discourse about how beautiful Lorelei is and how much fun it is to see Sam again. Children change a lot in a year’s time. Tomorrow, we will celebrate Lorelei’s 1 year old birthday (even though she turned 1 on the 11th.) Ok, just to make you laugh, I’ll let you know that I put on my socks and tennis shoes and am wearing my warm jacket while everyone else walks around in t-shirts and sandals. I’m so used to Haiti and North Carolina’s hot weather. Deb was ready for us and let us know where all the blankets were.  🙂

Wednesday night we ministered at Grove Park Baptist Church in Clinton, NC. It was heartwarming to come back there as that was the first church where our mother took us five children and I’m sure the seeds of the Gospel were planted in my young heart there at a very early age. There was a great crowd and they had lots of questions about Haiti. The best part was that my two sisters, Sarah and Mary Ann, were there for the service. Thank you Grove Park for having us. We had a wonderful time.

I was in contact with Pastor Delinx who let me know that they had 4 days of rioting in Cap Haitian which meant he was unable to pick up our transfer from the bank. It’s an amazing calm here in the U.S. compared to all that’s going on in Haiti. It’s easy to feel guilty when so many are suffering. Please remember Haiti in your prayers. We have so many there who love Jesus and who are praying for their homeland. It takes great faith on their part to believe for revival and restoration when their country seems to constantly be in decline. We know the power of prayer and have seen what God can do. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the calm while we can.




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