Take 10!

After traveling from Jacksonville, NC, to Portland, OR, for our MFI Conference, we visited one of our partner churches in Tacoma, WA. We had a wonderful time with all our friends at Trinity Church, then headed back to Miami, FL, so that we could make our way back to Haiti the next day. Somewhere between Tacoma and Miami, my laptop went missing. I’ll spare you all the details and say that because of the generosity of some very dear friends, I have a new laptop coming in today! The log-in information I needed for this website was on my old laptop and an even older laptop I left behind in Jacksonville. Today, however, I finally regained the information I needed in order to put up a new blog post. Thanks to all of you who were praying! My last post was written on October 8, so it’s been exactly one month since I have posted. But enough about that. We have a fundraiser and are asking you to help us raise funds for the children in our three schools so they can eat again this year. Please click on the link below for more information as to how you can help.

Take Ten 

45554234_2283211385087340_8337062744566005760_n.jpgWould you believe a gift of $30 can feed 10 children from our schools for an entire month? That’s right! Each child can eat one hot meal 5 days a week for four weeks.  Imagine that! Most of our students come to school without eating breakfast. They anticipate a good hot meal when they arrive. If they don’t eat well, it’s more difficult to learn. Click on the link below and… Take Ten. Would you like to feed those same kids for the entire school year? With a gift of $240 ($30 x 8 months), you can help these children’s dreams come true. You’re just one click away from making their day.



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