5.9 Earthquake in Haiti


https://www.foxnews.com/world/at-least-11-dead-in-haiti-following-magnitude-5-9-earthquake-that-gave-rise-to-panic We are in Tacoma getting ready for a service at Trinity Church. Tonight, we will catch the ”red-eye” to Miami and should be back in Haiti by tomorrow. It’s been a great week spent with friends and sitting under wonderful teaching from the MFI Conference.

Last night, as many of you have already learned, we read the news of the 5.9 earthquake that took place in the north of Haiti. 11 are dead at present and over 100 people have been injured. Port-de-Paix was the site of much of the damage which is 107 miles from where our home and ministry are located. After being in the eye of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, we’re not overly excited about returning to our land of labor where an earthquake just took place. But, the safest place to be is under the shadow of the Almighty. As usual, we implore your prayers for us and for the people of Haiti. There is much work to be done still in that impoverished land. We know that you will undergird us with your love and intercessions as you always have. Thank you for being our lifeline in so many ways.

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