A Sense of Normality


Traffic Jam in Haiti

After over a week of chaos in Haiti, things are finally beginning to show a sense of normality again. We had wondered when the roadblocks, riots, and strikes would ever end? It has been refreshing to hear the sound of vehicles passing outside our gate knowing that we can once again leave our compound without fear. Businesses, schools, and markets are all open again as well. The attempt to oust President Jovenel Moïse appears to have fallen by the wayside, at least for now.

Yesterday, Prit and I were returning home on “L” Street. ”L” Street is one of the main arteries in Cap-Haitian. The traffic was very heavy and it seemed to take forever and a day to get home. There’s no way to describe traffic in Haiti.  It’s like navigating a minefield. One must inch along with all the other vehicles and motorcycles. Then there are the pedestrians racing across the street to avoid getting hit.  There is no rule of law when it comes to driving in Haiti. It’s all defensive driving and it’s usually done at a snail’s pace. Motorcycles can turn into your lane at any moment and most of our energy is spent on making sure we don’t hit anyone. It can be exhausting just to go to town and back!

Normally, I would have been quite impatient with it all because it took so long to get home. However, it dawned on me that all these people crowding the street with their motorcycles and vehicles was actually a good sign. Why? Because it meant the city was no longer in crisis mode — at least for the moment. Instead of being bottled up on our compound, we were actually able to get out and go to town. It’s amazing how one’s perspective can change about the “drudgery” of everyday life after going through certain trials.

Please pray the calm will remain. We also ask for your prayers for President Jovenel Moïse. He has inherited a myriad of problems that go back decades — even back to the time when Haiti was a French colony.  Jovenel needs supernatural help to pull this country out of its doldrums and set it back on its feet. Moïse means Moses in the French language. Can we pray that this modern-day Moses can lead his people out of bondage — and into prosperity, much like the Moses of old did? We’ll also pray that the most confusion we’ll experience is that of the madness on ”L” Street.


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#Giving Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

45554234_2283211385087340_8337062744566005760_nI am just now able to post this because I am writing from the Christophe Hotel where there is a good internet signal. Such is life in Haiti! We hope you can help us on this strategic day of giving. If you can, go to the link and give TODAY. The facebook link is below and the PayPal account is at danaptl@gmail.com. We appreciate anything you can do and our kids will thank you! 🙂 

Dana Adams #Giving Tuesday is today- Nov 27! Facebook & PayPal will be matching donations up to $7 Million dollars. If you gift is $5, $50 or $500, your giving could be pivotal today. Will you help? Here’s how to give: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1539498849529726/?fundraiser_source=external_url

Give a Birthday Wish, Give to Feed a Child, or Give to Black Friday

Birthday-wish-for-a-friend.-On-image-with-golden-balloons-and-stardust-2.jpgHappy Birthday, Prit!

Today was the first day in over a week that we left our compound. It was also timely in that we were able to go to town for lunch and celebrate Prit’s 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday, hubby! It’s good to see businesses open and people circulating, but we’ve been told it’s only temporary. From what we’ve heard, things will be heating up again after the weekend. Time will tell. President Jovenel Möise addressed the nation last night and let it be known that he has no intention of leaving office. We ask your continued prayers for him and for Haiti.

Feeding Fundraiser
Just want to give a reminder that we have a facebook fundraiser taking place. If you are on facebook, you can go to my (Dana’s) page and donate or you can simply click on this link and donate here. We have raised $1,340.00 to date. One church also pledged to take responsibility for a month ever year and another one is looking at supporting 25 kids. Would you consider giving if you haven’t already? We have a long way to go to meet our $30,000 mark. You can consider this an investment into the future leaders of Haiti. We want to train them while they’re young and pliable, then shoot these arrows into their destiny. Rehoboth Ministries is training up disciples and leaders on every level to make an impact on the nation of Haiti! We invite you to be a part of this great plan.
Black Friday
Today is Black Friday. Thanks to the great deals available on Amazon today, we were able to purchase a new Dell laptop for a student – thanks to a generous donor! Would you like to shop and be a blessing at the same time? You can help our ministry by going to smileamazon.com. Click on the Donate to Charities button and scroll down until you find Rehoboth Ministries Inc, Jacksonville, NC. If you click on our ministry, then shop, Amazon will give a small % to our 501(c)3 ministry because you shopped with them. You can make a huge difference. Due to not having an internet signal, I was unable to post this until late. But, it doesn’t have to be Black Friday to help Rehoboth. You can do it anytime. Next time you shop, please remember us!

Happy Thanksgiving to Us!

Unknown-1.jpegToday, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. No, we did not forget that tomorrow is officially Thanksgiving. Usually the reason behind something like this is a chain reaction of events. Such is the case today. In Haiti, one needs to be pretty self-sufficient in many things. Because of the poor amount of electricity provided by the local company here, we have to run our generator in order to have enough current inside our house. This generator usually charges 16 marine batteries. Unfortunately, some of our batteries are no longer working and we have half the supply that we normally have. We are now down to 8 batteries. The generator charges the batteries so that when the generator is off, the batteries take over and we still have electricity for several hours in our home. Because of the lack of batteries, everything lasts half the time that it normally would and we also unplug big power drainers like the frig and freezer to conserve the current as long as we can. It’s a vicious cycle!

Our turkey was still cold in the freezer, but had already thawed. Not wanting to lose our turkey, we decided to go ahead and eat it today. So, Happy Thanksgiving to us! Such is life in Haiti. One must learn to degajé which means ”make do.

We give thanks to Pastor Mike and Mary Chatt and the church family at Rock Church of Tarboro once again for buying our turkey with all the fixings. We also give a big shout out to Agape Flights for flying in our Thanksgiving meal as they do so faithfully every year. Today, we celebrated our 35th Thanksgiving in Haiti. We are thankful for his keeping power. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Unsettled Times


Moïse Jean-Charles

Last week, a powerful political opponent of President Jovenel Moïse visited a famous historical monument located at Vertières outside of Cap-Haitian. In disdain, he removed the standing red, white, and blue flag and mounted the former red and black flag in its place. The red and black flag  resembled the one which used to wave on the grounds of the National Palace under François Duvalier’s regime and represented the old Haiti. Moïse Jean-Charles, a former senator who resigned to run for President himself and lost, is a powerful figure here in the north. Now, he is working to usurp the power of the sitting President. The common Haitian ploy used over and over here is to stir up the crowds into a frenzy by offering free liquor, food and money, then releasing them to wreak untold damage upon a country which is already deathly ill.  Many who are beyond hungry and living a life of misery will join in with the rest of the crowd in exchange for a ”temporary fix.” It is at times like this that we lay low behind our compound walls until the madness passes – at least for a little while.

One of our university students ran into this maddening frenzy yesterday afternoon as he was returning from school to go home. As he reached the airport which is only about five minutes from where he lives in Petite Anse, he was met by a huge crowd of young men armed with rocks and full of hatred. Upon seeing Tedson, they began to fling rocks at him which forced him to turn his motorcycle around, go back to town, then take the long route behind the airport to get home. Fortunately, he was unharmed. Our other university student (Clodain) just reported that he quickly left school after classes due to trouble brewing right outside of Limbé where he and Tedson have to travel to study.

We ask your prayers for our students’ safety. We have invested a lot of money into them to help them get a college degree and become the leadership material we need for our ministry and for this country. Our goal is to give them a future and a hope. After paying their tuition each semester, we also provide money for food and gas to get them back and forth to school. Thanks to very generous supporters, they have their own motorcycle for transportation. Please pray for them to prosper. Pray the Lord will hide them from evil doers. Also, pray that they will excel in their studies in spite of what is going on around them. They are a few of the youth who can one day turn this country around. If you would like to help contribute to their schooling, I’m sure they would appreciate that too.  Just providing them gas and food money to go back and forth for one month combined costs $300 US. If you do send a check or give online, please earmark your gift haiti/university. Meanwhile, pray for the country of Haiti, that peace will reign on this little island.


Contact Information

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NOTE: Our stateside #’s do not work when we are in Haiti.

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC 27532 / (919) 751-8188  or give online at Haiti – https://pushpay.com/pay/tltglobalmissions/?f%5B0%5D=Haiti

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Take 10!

After traveling from Jacksonville, NC, to Portland, OR, for our MFI Conference, we visited one of our partner churches in Tacoma, WA. We had a wonderful time with all our friends at Trinity Church, then headed back to Miami, FL, so that we could make our way back to Haiti the next day. Somewhere between Tacoma and Miami, my laptop went missing. I’ll spare you all the details and say that because of the generosity of some very dear friends, I have a new laptop coming in today! The log-in information I needed for this website was on my old laptop and an even older laptop I left behind in Jacksonville. Today, however, I finally regained the information I needed in order to put up a new blog post. Thanks to all of you who were praying! My last post was written on October 8, so it’s been exactly one month since I have posted. But enough about that. We have a fundraiser and are asking you to help us raise funds for the children in our three schools so they can eat again this year. Please click on the link below for more information as to how you can help.

Take Ten 

45554234_2283211385087340_8337062744566005760_n.jpgWould you believe a gift of $30 can feed 10 children from our schools for an entire month? That’s right! Each child can eat one hot meal 5 days a week for four weeks.  Imagine that! Most of our students come to school without eating breakfast. They anticipate a good hot meal when they arrive. If they don’t eat well, it’s more difficult to learn. Click on the link below and… Take Ten. Would you like to feed those same kids for the entire school year? With a gift of $240 ($30 x 8 months), you can help these children’s dreams come true. You’re just one click away from making their day.