Give a Birthday Wish, Give to Feed a Child, or Give to Black Friday

Birthday-wish-for-a-friend.-On-image-with-golden-balloons-and-stardust-2.jpgHappy Birthday, Prit!

Today was the first day in over a week that we left our compound. It was also timely in that we were able to go to town for lunch and celebrate Prit’s 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday, hubby! It’s good to see businesses open and people circulating, but we’ve been told it’s only temporary. From what we’ve heard, things will be heating up again after the weekend. Time will tell. President Jovenel Möise addressed the nation last night and let it be known that he has no intention of leaving office. We ask your continued prayers for him and for Haiti.

Feeding Fundraiser
Just want to give a reminder that we have a facebook fundraiser taking place. If you are on facebook, you can go to my (Dana’s) page and donate or you can simply click on this link and donate here. We have raised $1,340.00 to date. One church also pledged to take responsibility for a month ever year and another one is looking at supporting 25 kids. Would you consider giving if you haven’t already? We have a long way to go to meet our $30,000 mark. You can consider this an investment into the future leaders of Haiti. We want to train them while they’re young and pliable, then shoot these arrows into their destiny. Rehoboth Ministries is training up disciples and leaders on every level to make an impact on the nation of Haiti! We invite you to be a part of this great plan.
Black Friday
Today is Black Friday. Thanks to the great deals available on Amazon today, we were able to purchase a new Dell laptop for a student – thanks to a generous donor! Would you like to shop and be a blessing at the same time? You can help our ministry by going to Click on the Donate to Charities button and scroll down until you find Rehoboth Ministries Inc, Jacksonville, NC. If you click on our ministry, then shop, Amazon will give a small % to our 501(c)3 ministry because you shopped with them. You can make a huge difference. Due to not having an internet signal, I was unable to post this until late. But, it doesn’t have to be Black Friday to help Rehoboth. You can do it anytime. Next time you shop, please remember us!

1 thought on “Give a Birthday Wish, Give to Feed a Child, or Give to Black Friday

  1. Happy late Birthday Prit. I thought of it earlier and then when the time came to send a card, my mind did no function correctly. I seem to say forgive mr an awful lot lately. I will have my 67th birthday in about four weeks, hopefully my memory will improve.God bless you.Myrte

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