Happy Month-a-versary, Lorelei!

37043848_10160816893695045_3642889821929603072_nAll of our family left this morning (except for John.) Gabriel was up before dawn to catch a flight out for Portland. Deborah and her family are winding their way back to West Virginia and I am finally getting back to updating and answering e-mails. It’s best to stay busy before I get all melancholy! I forgot to wish our beautiful little granddaughter a Happy Month-a-versary. Lorelei Adele is exquisite and growing so fast. She may be one year old before we see her again and I can’t begin to tell you how that pains me. But, my heart is full and so is my cup.

I spent much of the week outside with our 4-year old grandson, Sam. He taught me to take delight in the simplest of things like gathering pinecones to make a special thing and throwing tree branches into the woods while simultaneously yelling ridiculous names like Pineapple Pistacio. Where does he get these ideas?

I’m so thankful for the wonderful time we had together with our loved ones. I’m also thankful they enjoyed time in our new home as well. The summer is passing all too quickly.

I will write more about the situation in Haiti, but for now I will relish the thoughts of a week well spent.

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