Many Reasons to Celebrate the Date

100_3622-viSince most of you will probably be celebrating on this date, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! Here’s an interesting tidbit concerning this date and our link with Haiti. Did you know that there were Haitians who fought in our War for Independence?Here’s a link to see and read about the monument which stands in Savannah, Georgia, which is dedicated to those brave soldiers who fought.

July 4th is a very memorable date for us as well. It was July 4, 2010, that Prit had his first of two back-to-back brain aneurysms. This led to the terrifying ordeal we went through that caused folks from all over the world to join in with the prayer chain for his recovery. This story is told in my book, Into the Storm. If you haven’t read it, would you get a copy today and help support our work? Better yet, give some copies away to friends and tell them about Rehoboth Ministries!

There’s no way we can mention this piece of history that’s forever etched in our minds without, once again, thanking Pastors Richard and Beth Kope and their local church in Didsbury, Alberta, Canada for standing in the gap for us through that ordeal as well as the many friends and family who prayed from afar until Prit woke up and started his rehabilitation process. Thanks to your prayers and God’s grace, we are 35 years strong in the ministry.



1 thought on “Many Reasons to Celebrate the Date

  1. We celebrate with you remembering what God has done and is doing through Rehoboth Ministries! Sent from my iPhone


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