10 Signs That We Need A Vacation!

images.jpegWe are beginning to manifest the signs that we are in dire need of a vacation. Although we’ll miss our Haitian family, we definitely need a break! We’ll be flying out the end of May and are looking so forward to being stateside. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a time of rest is in order.


1)   ….my husband mentions several times that he looks forward to strolling through Wal-Mart.
2)   ….the tea bags we ordered didn’t make it in on this week’s flight and we send someone to town to scour the markets to see if there are any boxes for sale. (None available – Argh!!) What’s a southerner to do???
3)   ….you dream that you’re holding your grandson all the while kissing his cheeks and saying, ”Nana’s here, Sam!”
4)   ….you can almost smell the salmon at Ruby Tuesday’s.
5)   ….you dream of going to Belk’s to buy clothes that are not faded.
6)   ….you’d give anything for some Rocky Road ice cream.
7)   ….you look forward to wearing pants everywhere – even to church!
8)   ….you get excited over the idea of riding on smooth roads.
9)   ….you can walk through a mall without someone asking you for money.
10) ….you dream of 24 hr. internet.

4 thoughts on “10 Signs That We Need A Vacation!

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