A Jeep For John

UnknownFor several months we have been raising money to help John get a new vehicle. We had $17,000 raised, and a very dear friend recently surprised us with a $15,000 check! With $32,000 in the bank, he is just a few thousand short of being able to buy a brand new heavy-duty vehicle like the Isuzu 4-wheel drive diesel pickup we were able to purchase just a few months ago. John has to travel back and forth to school five days a week on a terrible road (if you can call it that!) These types of roads can quickly damage a vehicle that’s not well built. We want him to have a truck that will last him for years to come.

We were able to purchase our pickup for $35,500 in Port-au-Prince. We have had great success with the Isuzu Dealership since we bought our Trooper from them in the year 2,000. That was 18 years ago! If we could raise $4,000 more, this would enable him to fly to Port-au-Prince, pay for the title, then drive his new vehicle back to Cap-Haitian.

We’re almost there! Can you help put him over the top?

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