Looking Back, Looking Forward

Remembering Martin Luther

UnknownToday marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Revolution. In Wittenburg, Germany, a simple monk named Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenburg Castle Church. His hope was to spark an academic debate but instead rocked the religious world to the core. We have never been the same since that infamous day. We look back at the history that has shaped us and made us what we are today. You can read about this man’s fascinating life in Eric Metaxas’ book, Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World.

Welcome, Emmanuel!


Evangelist Emmanuel Maennlein

Interestingly, a French evangelist with a German name arrived today and will be the guest speaker for our Youth Explosion Conference. The theme for the conference is More Than Conquerors. Emmanuel Maennlein was here in 2009 for our first youth conference in which we had over 1,600 young people. Tomorrow, we will have 1,000+ youth to gather in Petite-Anse for a 2-day conference. We are anticipating a move of God as these future leaders gather together. We also pray that this conference will ignite a fervor in them to go out and rock their own world as agents of change in a country which so badly needs it.  Please pray for the youth of Haiti!

You Are Making It Happen

IMG_1425_preview.jpegBeautiful children. Eager minds. Ready to learn. Exploding with energy! Thanks to your generosity, this describes the precious children in our three schools. Because the majority of our kids do not eat breakfast at home, lunch is served at 10:30 a.m. in order for them to be able to concentrate in class each day. Unfortunately, many of them will only find empty plates when they return home after school. The nutritious, vitamin-packed meal they receive five days a week in school is what literally gets the majority of them through the day.

Thanks to Orphans Promise, the food we receive is assembled, packed, and shipped to Haiti which requires a lot of administration and a huge investment from their generous donors. We wouldn’t have a feeding program without their help. On our end, it is costing around $3,100 (US) monthly to provide for gas tanks, cooks’ salaries, and extras such as cleaning products and sending our driver back and forth to the market. Without the combined effort of Orphans Promise and Rehoboth’s regular monthly supporters, children would go hungry, be unable to learn as well, and many would get sick. But……YOU are making it happen and we say a big THANK YOU! These lovely children say thank you too.


Would you like to be a game-changer and join us in this life-sustaining miracle? Here’s how: Write a check to: The Lord’s Table and earmark it HAITI / FEEDING

Mail to:

The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 OR give online at thelordstable.org and add a note that it is for HAITI / FEEDING


It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night

UnknownLast night had to be one of my most miserable ever in Haiti. We returned to find one of our generator batteries not working which meant we couldn’t use the generator. Also, the electrician couldn’t come until this morning to fix it. To sum it up, we had no electricity in our house all night and the heat was stifling. John and I went up on the roof for a while until we couldn’t sit on the hard cement any more. I tried sleeping on the sofa in our living room and finally woke up in the middle of the night sweating. During the time it was pitch black and local warring gangs in the neighborhood came together to fight each other. Hurling broken bottles and rocks, they threatened each other and created quite a ruckus. It was the second time this week. The old man who works on furniture right across from our gate had his makeshift structure destroyed (again.) Another fellow who makes and sells concrete blocks stepped into the street this morning only to find the majority of his blocks broken up and strewn through the street.

It was hard to discern in the darkness where exactly the gang was located and it sounded as if they were hurling rocks at our front gate to get in. Finally, I heard two shots and thought it was our guard scaring them away, when in reality it was the police. The rest of the night, I had a nervous upset stomach. That, and the smothering heat left me exhausted. Of course, Prit slept like a log through it all and John slept on the cool tile in the hallway.

It’s amazing how one situation can cause your goals to shift completely! Now, all I can think about is getting a couple of solar panels to put on our roof to avert ever having to sleep in the dark again, not to mention the maddening heat. I will post the prices when I get them, but would you like to help us get started? If so, you can send a gift to:

The Lord’s Table
PO Box 11049
Goldsboro, NC 27532

** Please make your check to The Lord’s Table and earmark it HAITI / SOLAR PANELS

Meanwhile, we also ask your prayers for protection over this neighborhood. We were glad that our team from CBN had already returned stateside before the electricity failed us.

Look Who’s Coming!


L to R: Ryan Meadows, Midori Schaffer, Danielle Blevins, Nick Davis

We are back in Haiti and had a beautiful reunion yesterday with our church family in Petite-Anse! Thanks everyone for your prayers for us. After quickly getting our new home set up in Jacksonville, NC, then flying to the west coast to attend the annual MFI Conference in Portland, we arrived back in Haiti on Friday. Whew! We’re just in time to receive a team from CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This production crew will be working on a film about Rehoboth from its inception to now and to what we want to become. They will be working together to capsulize our vision for this great work. We are so blessed to have someone do this for us and are greatly looking forward to their visit!


Youth Explosion!

24185800_1506397733.8331We are gearing up for our 2-day youth conference in November and are expecting a crowd of at least 1,000 young people. A gofundme.com link is set up to help us raise $3,000 to help feed these young people and cast a vision to encourage them that they have a role to play in changing the future of their country. These are Haiti’s leaders of tomorrow and we are specifically targeting them during this conference. Can you help?  If so, click on this link: https://www.gofundme.com/rehobothhaiti-com and donate now. The time is ripe!


Treasured Moments

IMG_2029.JPGI am writing from Portland, Oregon, where we are attending the annual Ministers Fellowship International Conference. We have had a wonderful time visiting with our son, Gabe, who lives here. These are treasured moments and we’re looking forward to experiencing many more this week as we’re reunited with old friends and pastors who faithfully support this work.

We will return to Haiti right after this conference. We had just enough time to get moved into our new home and, yes, part of me wishes we could still be there. After all, we waited so long to have something that we could call home, even though the Lord always took care of us with the help of others. In unpacking, I came across the set of china that I bought from a traveling salesman when I was a sophomore at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, (1976 – Forty-one years ago!). I have never had the opportunity to use it and most of it still remains packed in a box in the garage. But, my sister promises to wash them and put them away for me so that the next time we return, we can use the new china. When we sit down with our family and drink from our china cups, these will be treasured moments too!