You Are Making It Happen

IMG_1425_preview.jpegBeautiful children. Eager minds. Ready to learn. Exploding with energy! Thanks to your generosity, this describes the precious children in our three schools. Because the majority of our kids do not eat breakfast at home, lunch is served at 10:30 a.m. in order for them to be able to concentrate in class each day. Unfortunately, many of them will only find empty plates when they return home after school. The nutritious, vitamin-packed meal they receive five days a week in school is what literally gets the majority of them through the day.

Thanks to Orphans Promise, the food we receive is assembled, packed, and shipped to Haiti which requires a lot of administration and a huge investment from their generous donors. We wouldn’t have a feeding program without their help. On our end, it is costing around $3,100 (US) monthly to provide for gas tanks, cooks’ salaries, and extras such as cleaning products and sending our driver back and forth to the market. Without the combined effort of Orphans Promise and Rehoboth’s regular monthly supporters, children would go hungry, be unable to learn as well, and many would get sick. But……YOU are making it happen and we say a big THANK YOU! These lovely children say thank you too.


Would you like to be a game-changer and join us in this life-sustaining miracle? Here’s how: Write a check to: The Lord’s Table and earmark it HAITI / FEEDING

Mail to:

The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 OR give online at and add a note that it is for HAITI / FEEDING


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