Treasured Moments

IMG_2029.JPGI am writing from Portland, Oregon, where we are attending the annual Ministers Fellowship International Conference. We have had a wonderful time visiting with our son, Gabe, who lives here. These are treasured moments and we’re looking forward to experiencing many more this week as we’re reunited with old friends and pastors who faithfully support this work.

We will return to Haiti right after this conference. We had just enough time to get moved into our new home and, yes, part of me wishes we could still be there. After all, we waited so long to have something that we could call home, even though the Lord always took care of us with the help of others. In unpacking, I came across the set of china that I bought from a traveling salesman when I was a sophomore at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, (1976 – Forty-one years ago!). I have never had the opportunity to use it and most of it still remains packed in a box in the garage. But, my sister promises to wash them and put them away for me so that the next time we return, we can use the new china. When we sit down with our family and drink from our china cups, these will be treasured moments too!

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