Next Year…In Jerusalem!


I went to youth choir practice today. While waiting to begin, I took a picture of the work that is going on next door, where our multipurpose building is being erected. It’s been raining here the last few days, so as I stood at the piano working on chords for the next song, I noticed the rain dripping through the old tin roof and observed the puddles of water sitting around in various places on the platform. But, instead of feeling the usual heaviness of watching our choir practice in a building where many folks in other countries wouldn’t house their animals, I felt that warm feeling… know, the one that rises up from deep within and fills your chest with that feeling of giddiness and faith. It comes at times when you think to yourself, This is really happening. We’re no longer dreaming about it. It’s coming to pass. We have waited so long for a new building, (we’re into our 27th year) and always hoped that maybe next year we’d get one built.

A friend shared with me the other day something he read in an article. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw the parallel and wanted to share it with you. In his own words he said:

This article said that before the nation of Israel was restored in 1948, every year for centuries all over the world, when the Jews celebrated Passover, they ended by saying, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

While we have (thankfully) not had to wait for centuries, we can now say “Next year” we’ll worship in our new building.

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