Great Things For Us, Great Things For Haiti

Happy Birthday CFC!

Unknown.jpegYesterday, we celebrated the birthday of our mother church in Petite-Anse. CFC (centre de formation chrétienne) turned 27 years old on 4 February. We had a wonderful and memorable service. It was a time of reflection as everyone knew that next year when we celebrate our 28th anniversary, we will already be in our new church building. Prit recounted to the people how we started our church in an old army tent with a few chairs covered with goatskin. Mostly, our folks sat on a large canvas since our number was few back then. The voudou drums which were played incessantly back then are no longer heard. Most of the people present were not even at that first service. We will never let our people forget the humble beginnings from which we came. There’s no way to describe the excitement of our people over the marvelous things that we will see in 2017.Watching the construction going on right next door only adds to the excitement.

Inauguration of Haiti’s New President

Jovenel-Moise-sworn-in-as-Haitis-president.jpgToday, this 7th of February, Haiti celebrated the official inauguration of President Jovenel Möise. He is Haiti’s 58th President. Our three workers, Cola, Marie, and Anuz sat in our den transfixed as they watched the peaceful transition of government on this historic occasion. Later, Bible school students stopped by to watch the festivities that were still going on. It’s always interesting to watch Haiti’s major events as they unfold through the eyes of our Haitian brothers and sisters. In spite of being the poorest country in the western hemisphere, they still love their country and carry a genuine pride for the first Black republic.

IMG_1715.JPGWe ask for your prayers for President Jovenel. He has so many challenges to face in governing this country. After many, many long seasons of prayer, we have hope that they are being answered. But President Jovenel has many hurdles to face with the economy, the devastation from Hurricane Matthew, and the list goes on and on. After living in Haiti for 34 years, we marvel that this little country is still here. Oh, the prayers of the saints! Speaking of prayer, President Jovenel has declared 3 days of prayer for this nation beginning tomorrow. Looks like we’re getting off on the right foot!

2 thoughts on “Great Things For Us, Great Things For Haiti

  1. That is so exciting three days of prayer. Oh, may our God do great and mighty things because of those precious prayers.

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