His Name Is David

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         David Lindor – 2016 Graduate of IBAG

Merinor wept. As she pushed the baby along with her contractions, she prayed, “Lord, if you let this child live, I’ll dedicate him to you and revenge the devil.” After the heartache of losing six of her eight children in childbirth, the thought of losing another one was more than she could bear. Her prayer was answered and number seven survived. Merinor named him David. David would grow up to be a source of unspeakable joy and a great comfort to his mother. He would also one day lead his wayward father to Christ.

From the get-go, it was evident that grace was upon this covenant child. His mom had given birth to David at home. Unable to go to the hospital to register his name, she asked a friend if she would take the baby for her and her friend complied. Upon arrival, the Catholic nun in charge asked her, “What is the baby’s name?” Startled, the friend said, “Oh my, I forgot to ask!” The Catholic nun said, “Well, we’ll assign him a name and if the family doesn’t like it, they can come back later and have it changed. His name is David.”

Growing up in the small town of Dondon, David gave his life to the Lord at the age of seven. He would spend hours reading and studying God’s Word. Excelling in his schoolwork, he was also actively involved in his local church. At one time, his youth group consisted of 400 young people. David loved to teach and evangelize. It seemed everything he touched prospered.

One day, David’s pastor sat down with him and said, “David, it is so evident that the hand of the Lord is on your life, I think you should go further in your studies and seriously consider studying Theology.” Another friend, Pastor Vern (a former graduate of Grace Covenant Bible Institute) recommended that he enroll in our school. He did. Now, in a few short weeks, David’s four-year course of study will come to a close. David, along with six other young men, will be graduating on June 4th.

Today, David pastors his own church and says his studies at the Institute have far surpassed anything he had anticipated and have thus equipped him to be a stronger leader and a better shepherd of God’s flock. David’s joy and humility are two things that mark his life. We are so delighted that he chose IBAG and we can’t wait to meet the mother who first paved the way with her tears so that he could become the man of God that he is today.

IBAG (Institut Biblique de l’Alliance de Grâce) means Covenant of Grace Bible Institute


5 thoughts on “His Name Is David

  1. What a wonderful blessing to such an intimate part of the wonderful plan of God. I don’t know David but I know God is going to use him in wonderful ways.

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