Rehoboth Ministries Is Moving!


This morning I am writing from the lovely Cormier Plage where Prit, John, and myself are enjoying a 2-day vacation away from our work. I wish you could share this gorgeous view with me. The weather couldn’t be more perfect and the sound of the waves beating against the shore is absolutely therapeutic. Tomorrow, we will head back down the mountain to Cap-Haitian, but for now it’s vacation time.

However, I wanted to get this post up and let everyone know that Rehoboth Ministries is MOVING. Yes, we are transitioning from Fayetteville to Goldsboro, NC. A longtime supporting church (The Lord’s Table) will be overseeing our finances from this point on. The Lord’s Table is already stewarding the incoming funds of several missionaries that they themselves support (both local and international.) They are now taking us under their wing as well and will be keeping all of Rehoboth’s records on Quick Books. To our faithful supporters and those who wish to send future support, please make note of the following address in your records. You can send any future funds to this address:

The Lord’s Table Church
PO Box 11049
Goldsboro, NC 27532

Note: * Since The Lord’s Table is overseeing the finances of several missionaries, they have asked that the donations being sent to our ministry be marked Haiti. Also, please specify to what account you would like to sow your seed: whether to Feeding, Construction, Adams Family, or Bible school scholarships. If not noted, the money will go into our General account to be used for everything from payroll to maintaining the work of the ministry. For those of you who already support more than one of these projects, the church will separate the money for each account as long as it’s already designated to where they should go.

If you prefer to donate online, you can also go to *Again, please earmark your gift for Haiti. If you have any questions, you can write me, Dana, at

We greatly value you, our readers and supporters, more than we can say! As this year is closing, we say a huge “thank you” for your very generous partnership with Rehoboth Ministries!

5 thoughts on “Rehoboth Ministries Is Moving!

  1. What wonderful news..must be a huge encouragement to you folks. They will take care of things so you can focus on what you’re called to do. YEAH!!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Prit & Dana Great news to here someone has picked up the accounting for your ministry.  God is so good!  I am enjoying a week off from work.  We are blessed to have our complete family here for CHRISTmas.  Our youngest Jake just completed his Marine Corps basic training a was Married on 22 November.  I had the privilege  of marrying them.  Jakes new wife has a son Slade and loves him like his own.  His next assignment is to attend Communications school at 29 Palms CA for 8-10 weeks then on to his Permanent  duty assignment.   Please pray for them as they adjust to Military life.  I will always cherish the time we spent together in Haiti.   Have a blessed CHRISTmas ang prosperous New Year. Jerry and Judy PS: THANKS for you prayers for Jeff and Taralyns Marriage.  God is moving.   His name will be called Immanuel; God with us. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 6.

    • Jerry, it’s great to hear from you and hear what’s going on in your family. We have been and will continue to pray for all of you. It’s so exciting to hear of answers to prayer! Thank you again for your vital support of Rehoboth Ministries!

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