Pray for Ayiti Cheri


A young Haitian man running past a blockade of burning tires

Three Sundays ago, our hearts burst with pride as we witnessed the citizens of this beautiful country vote for their favorite candidate – without any repercussions. Now that the choice of a new President seems imminent, the main opposing party has unleashed its wrath by throwing bottles and burning tires in the street. Some folks, too, have already lost their lives as a result. As of 5 November, Jude Célestin and Jovenel Moise are the top two contestants with Moise in the lead. This has sparked outrage among their enemies.

Friday night, here in Sainte-Philomène, we heard several ra-ta-tat-tats throughout the night. It was the police showing up to squelch the violence. Saturday morning, we learned that several little **tonnelles were burned down throughout the community. One of them was just a few yards from our gate. Here, one of the ladies of the neighborhood used to sit by the road each day and sell rice and beans to those in need of a quick meal. At times, she would even give a big spoonful for free to those who didn’t have the **$10.00 H to pay.  Last night her **ti kay was burned down along with the table which held her cookware. Fortunately, she took her pots and pans home at the end of each day or they would have been destroyed too. It’s sad when you see innocent victims bearing the brunt of other people’s rage. Ayiti Cheri could use your prayers right now.

We didn’t venture out of the compound the last two days. During these times, we lay low. I have wanted to go to town all week to shop for groceries as well as find a better internet signal but will just have to wait it out. A simple post such as this one can take hours when written and uploaded at home, with the uploading taking the better share of the time. So, I hope you truly appreciate this post when it finally gets to you!

Only the Lord knows how all this political uprising will play out. One thing is certain. With prayer, it will have a better outcome.

 **Tonnelle and ti kay are names for small, makeshift stands on the side of the road used to keep one out of the sun or rain while selling food, wares, etc.

** $10 Haitian is equivalent to $1.00 US

2 thoughts on “Pray for Ayiti Cheri

  1. Dana I will certainly be praying for Ayiti Cheri and for you and Prit. Please be careful and keep safe! Love In Christ, Connie Thompson

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