Nèg Bannann Nan


Haitian woman voting in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Last Sunday, Haitians walked to one of one hundred and fifty polling stations to cast their votes. Paper ballots were placed in plastic boxes marked President, Parliament, Senate and Municipal. The voting went very well and Haitians are proud of the fact that there was no violence which accompanied it.


Jovenel Moise (Nèg Bannann Nan)

Word has it on the street that the election results will be announced this Tuesday (2 November.) It seems that Nèg Bannann Nan (Jovenel Moise) may very well be our new President. Moise (47 years old), is a very successful entrepreneur who has a huge plantation here in the north of Haiti. He ships organic bananas to Europe which has earned him the name Nèg Bannann Nan (the Banana Man.) Moise employs over 3,000 workers for his plantation alone, but also has other interests which include selling purified water. Having the backing of President Martelly hasn’t hurt his chances either. Since Haiti is not known for exporting much of anything, Jovenel is an exception to the rule and an example that can breathe fresh hope into the average Haitian, especially Haiti’s youth.

Let’s hope that this transition will go smoothly and that whoever wins will be able to continue to provide the type of leadership that Martelly has displayed. Our Haitian friends are eagerly awaiting the results and hoping for an even better tomorrow.

Our Supporters Speak!

“I have made two trips to Cap-Haitien. I have personally seen the unselfish dedication of Prit, Dana and John Adams. They are genuine missionaries with a huge heart for Haiti. They are being used by God to transform Haiti one person at a time. The investment my church makes to their ministry is reaping huge rewards.”
Vic Langel
Mission Committee
Trimity Church of Pierce County
Tacoma, Washington

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