Haiti’s Elections

campaign-posters-promoting-presidential-candidates-line-delmas-street-in-port-au-prince-haiti-wednesday-oct-7-2015-in-the-first-round-of-haitis-presidential-vote-on-oct-25-voters-will-choose-from-a-field-of-54-candidates-ap-photodieu-nalio-cheryI am typing from the Christophe Hotel since our internet is down at home. Rumor has it that two cellular towers are down which is the reason we no longer have a signal. We’ve heard they fell down, plus we’ve heard they were torn down. One never knows about many things in Haiti and where the real truth lies. Our suspicions that they were torn down may be founded. The present climate of tension here, due to the upcoming elections, could evoke acts such as these.

“Don’t stay in town too long!” our workers at home warned us. Things can change on a dime here. Everything can be calm and beautiful in the city in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, folks can be burning tires in the street and throwing bottles at cars. So, we tend to lay low during times like this.

There are a total of 54 candidates running for President. Our churches, along with many others, have been praying for the right candidate to win. So much has been accomplished during President Martelly’s time in office. We would  hate to see haiti chérie regress after all the forward movement it’s had. Would you join us in prayer during this time? The results will not only affect Haiti’s citizens, but the foreigners that labor here as well.


1) Haiti would continue to prosper and peace would reign in the land

2) the Lord would protect those who will be voting on Sunday. (Many of our Haitian friends have already said they will not vote because of past elections that turned violent.)

3) Pray that whoever wins the Presidency will be supported by all of Haiti, not just a few.

Cap-Haitian’s streets are filled with top security today and will be throughout the weekend, so that’s a hopeful sign. With security, more businesses and factories can open up here and further develop this struggling nation in which we have served for almost 33 years.

Since my time is short, I’ll close here and invite you to read the following link concerning what’s going on here. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/23/us-haiti-election-idUSKCN0SH20Z20151023

Thank you for your prayers!

Our Supporters Speak!

Having been with the Pritchard and Dana twice, I have seen the simple love between them and their people, their high-quality worship team, and the massive project of feeding all those kids. It’s a joy to maximize His money by giving to these people of integrity. —- Chris Lund, shepherd of Wendover Christian Fellowship, in Utah and Nevada

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