Happy Birthday, John!

297935_618687917757_209827988_nWe want to wish our son, John, a very Happy Birthday! John is 30 years old today and we are so thankful that we have the privilege of sharing his special day with him here in Haiti. We’ll be chowing down on pizza and a cake with lemon frosting later.  Here’s to your best year yet, Son!

As I type, the front door of the den is being installed. Unlike the windows (which are already installed), the door had to be custom made. Our den is slowly taking shape and the next step is a good paint job. We’re looking forward to sharing the final picture with you soon. Hopefully, it will be finished before our visitors arrive this weekend. Pastor Richard Ouellette (from Montreal) and Evangelist Yves Baron (from France) will be ministering in our main church this coming Sunday.

I learned from Wilfrid (who’s doing the above-mentioned installation job) that he had four children in our main school in Petite-Anse. Two have since gone on to high school elsewhere and two are still studying at our school. It warmed our hearts to learn what a blessing our school has been to him and to his family. He was even more excited when we shared with him  that soon, his kids, along with all the other students and staff, will be eating a hot meal five days a week!

Speaking of hot meals, our cooks returned from Arcahaie last Friday. They spent a week  training for the administration of the feeding program that, hopefully, is not too far off. We ask your continued prayers for the shipment of food that is due to arrive in Port-au-Prince by a U.S. military transport plane as well as for the installation of the new equipment for our beautiful school kitchen. Pray for the staff at Orphans Promise as well who are feverishly working to bring this all together. They have their hands full and theirs’ is a ministry that’s spanning the globe.

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