Living to Give

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”–Winston Churchill

Everyone loves the joy of being on the receiving end of a blessing. In all my life, I’ve never heard anyone complain about being the recipient of someone else’s generosity. Have you? At times, we’ve all been blessed in various ways by friends who wanted to make a difference with their giving. Today, we’d like to acknowledge a few of those friends who have recently done just that for Rehoboth Ministries.

Jenni2015-01-08 00.04.38fer Steimel is one of those special ladies who finds immense joy in giving to others. Upon learning that my sister was coming to Haiti for Christmas, Jennifer selected some beautiful pieces of jewelry that once belonged to her mother and sent them as gifts for our pastors’ wives. I can assure you that these ladies rarely receive gifts at all, much less gifts as nice as these. They do their best just to make ends meet in providing for their   families. Here is a picture of Madame Pastor Délinx sporting her new jewelry. Thank you Jennifer for  taking the time to make these special ladies feel like queens. They will never forget their Christmas gifts of 2014!

2015-02-03 00.38.27A longtime friend of mine learned that Pastor Lefort’s church was in great need of a piano. The piano which his musicians used for the worship services had more keys that didn’t work than did! Thanks to my high school buddy, they are thrilled to have a decent piano again. Not only did Kay gift us with a piano, but she paid the whole shipping cost all the way from North Carolina to Florida.

Another friend read my recent post about the need to close in our front porch to make it a den. Her heart was touched to help us purchase some new windows and a door. Thanks to Sharon, we will no longer have a draft coming into our house! The windows are in and we’re still waiting on the door. I’ll post the completed work later.

All three of these special ladies understand the truth of Churchill’s words. We make a life by what we give. They also have brought joy to our hearts and to others here in Haiti. A special thanks to all our other friends who regularly give into Rehoboth Ministries. They are our silent partners who keep this ministry afloat while looking neither for fanfare nor recognition. We are blessed to have friends who look beyond their own needs to the needs of others.

2 thoughts on “Living to Give

  1. hey John.this is Janice Brown Miss seeing you guys. Give my love to your Mom and Dad..Hope to see you soon,

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