Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick: Week of Ministry

What a great week of ministry we have had with MFI Pastors Steve and Kathy Fitzpatrick from San Diego. Steve and Kathy are over Herald of Faith Ministries and missionaries-at-large. Although their home base is in San Diego, a large portion of their time is spent traveling and ministering around the world teaching, training and establishing leaders in God’s Word.

Last Saturday, Steve was the guest speaker for our Bible School graduation and spoke about the call on our lives. Essentially,there were three main points which I gleaned from his message.

  1. He gives a call – we are responsible to discover what the call is.
  2. He gives gifts – we are responsible to recognize the gifts we’ve received from the Lord, then to stir them up.
  3. He gives his Word. We are expected to preach the Word and be faithful with the treasure with which we have been entrusted.

Steve also ministered at our main church in Petite-Anse Sunday morning and at the church at Sainte-Philomène on Sunday night. On Monday, we enjoyed a gorgeous day at the beach together and on Tuesday, Steve ministered for three hours to our past and present Bible School students on the all-important subject of Vision. We have wined and dined on God’s Word and we thank our special guests for such rich ministry. Not only have they ministered in a special way to our people, but to us as well. We shared lots of stories and laughter together. Thank you, Steve and Kathy, for gracing our home with your presence and for pouring yourselves out for our people.

2 thoughts on “Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick: Week of Ministry

  1. how much does your dog weigh..sorry for delay on sending flea med. kept forgetting to ask the weight. hope u\you are well. We are. Betty Jo Linda and I are going to beach Thurs for a few days. We are all looking forward to that. Wish you were here to go with us. Hope the building is going well. Love y”all. Janice

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