Going Home

imagesTen boxes have been shipped to Haiti and last-minute details are being taken care of before we fly out on Friday. We have truly missed Prit’s mom and dad during this time. They were always involved in helping us with the packing and shipping part. We are so grateful for all the years of service they rendered to Rehoboth Ministries. No one was more devoted to our ministry than Prit’s folks.

We have lots of visitors coming in October. We will be just as busy there as we have been here. We covet your prayers for safe travels. It will be good to reunite with all our leaders and friends in Haiti. This will be our first trip back to Haiti since Prit’s dad and mom went to be with the Lord.

Many thanks to those special friends who wish to remain anonymous for helping us with the plumbing costs for the smaller mission house. A dear friend sent a sacrificial offering as well to help us begin the construction of the cabinets for the larger house. There is still much work to be done on both houses and if you’d like to help us lay tile, paint, continue to build cabinets, plus a host of other possibilities, we would be very appreciative of your help.

It’s the beginning of the school year and our kids are looking forward to hot meals once again. Many thanks to all of you who have opened up your hearts and pocketbooks to help us fill empty stomachs. If others would like to help us with this project, we still need your help.

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